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What can I do to make potential employers look past my criminal record?
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What can I do to make potential employers look past my criminal record?

I got hit with a felony when I was eighteen ( assault)now i am 26, since then I have not been in trouble with the law other than a seat belt ticket. I have a college degree and just want to not be judged as a felon when I go for jobs. What can I do to make this better?


You are a felon. Why would you want to be judged as something you are not?

I would definately consult a lawyer, even though it's 8 years later and see if they can help you get your records sealed... Because you were only 18 they might be able to do it...

Get an expungement. Talk to a criminal attorney about it. Also, you can let employers know that you have been living a good clean life for years and that that was a mistake that you plan on never doing again. Again, I'd get it cleaned up.

Yes any good job is going to care about past criminal history......no way to get around that....you could ask a lawyer to see if he can get it exsponged from your record

First of all, your appearance will make the first statement before anything else. Show up looking dazzling! Great clothes, clean look, superb smile.

Don't put your felony charge on your resume, but be honest about it if asked on an application. Many times, they will ask for details (nature of the charge). Be succinct and exact. Answer the questions without getting defensive but don't be overly apologetic either.

Just state the facts, explain that it was a long time ago and you were young and stupid. Now, you've improved yourself and matured.

Be confident about your skills and gloss over the felony as though it no longer matters and it probably won't.

mud bug
Thats something we don't think about as teenagers. As an employer I try and overlook some backrounds, but assault is an agression issue and I could not chance someone hurting another one of my employees

Barry auh2o
This may not be what you want to hear, but it is the way it is.
With all the applications employers have for jobs, they have their choice of many people, asnd many peoplewho have no criminal record are applying for the same job.

You have to sell them the idea that this was a "once and done" thing and there's no way you;d commit any sort of a crime now.
As time passes the impact will diminish, but it will not go away.

Ask M
A letter of recommendation from a couple of your College
Professors or any Manager of any jobs you have had can help
and the fact that it happened at 18 and you are now 26.

you can go to your state sheriff website and see if there is a chance the court will grant you an expungment of your record or at the very least seal the record. If it was your only conviction then you should have no problem getting it expunged. each state is diffrent though, check it out...

Well, there isn't much you can do to make it better. You made a mistake and assaulted someone and it will haunt you forever. That's why there are laws and courts and punishments. It is supposed to haunt you forever.

On the other side, you should get the chance to prove you have changed, and while you should NEVER lie on your resume or an application about your record you should make it a point to explain yourself and that you are looking for a new start now that you have paid for your crime. You educated yourself and are now looking to start life anew.

Just don't expect people to be ready to embrace you with open arms. You now have a history that will follow you forever, and everyone who sees that will make an immediate judgement call. Your actions, demeanor, and work ethic will have to stand for themselves. The first couple jobs you get will probably take a while to find and be hard to get, but the more job security and references you have that will attest to your character and will make it easier down the road.

If you walk into every job interview with a chip on your shoulder or an attitude no one will hire you despite your record. No one owes you anything, no one HAS to give you a chance, just remember that. Be appreciative of what you do get and remember that this is a long life lesson and that it will get easier and better as the years go on.

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