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What does staff restructuring mean?
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What does staff restructuring mean?

it says to take corrective action to safeguard those jobs that remain


Ncarolina K
Means opposite of that, lol. That's the phrase to sugar coat a downsizing of the organization. This usually means closing of a department or section because the need for less workers. Restructure is a nice term, but if they were really restructuring they would of sounded much more ethusiastic about it. Expanding, growing, more powerful, job openings, are the terms if it was to get better. Companies want u to feel pity and be forewarned of their intentions. The last quarter of the year is when they usually do this to prepare for new year. Safeguarding the jobs that remain means the company mite fail worse and everyones gone... a scare tactic. Hope this helps.

it means a bunch of people are about to get layed off

It means lots of firing, hiring, and moving people to positions that would serve the company better.

James T
It means a lot of different things, during my time as a programme director, staff restructuring meant re-skilling people at the end of a huge change, usually the ones who didn't embrace the change would be found looking for another job elsewhere. The restructure can be a positive one if you look to take the initiative and look at the changes positively, or if you have had enough then work through the restructure and get the best deal possible for yourself, think of it as a way to get a great reference is a dull time. NEVER slam doors behind you, otherwise all the good work will be undone.

It means that there are going to be fewer positions than there are now. It also means that the current employees will probably have to post and be interviewed for the position they are interested in.

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