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What is a good field to go into that is quick, good paying and easy?
Find answers to your legal question.

What is a good field to go into that is quick, good paying and easy?

I like investigating and research and talking legal stuff. But I want to find something that is good paying and doesn't require a lot of schooling. I want something that will let me make a difference in a person's life and maybe save a life. I do security now and on my sapre time I have worked on a criminal case . Like preparing for clemency, appeals, writing the Govenor for a Commutation of Time and such. I really liked doing that but wanted it to be more investigative and more leway to get accaess to records and such. Kind of like a paralegal but more like an investigator. I want to get all up in people's buisness and then report it all to another person that will either help the other person or solve a crime. I am a little strange but that is my passion. However, all I have is a GED


You ask, I answer
if there was such a thing, i would be doing it. go to college, at least for an Associates degree.

Dear Passionate Southern Comfort...Your goals and dreams are in place --- How are going to accomplish this goal???.. You may not like school but you have to swallow that attitude and get started doin classes... I am a security officer and I know the hours are boring... Now bring the books on post and study.and get paid... the GED that is all you will have... Get started.......

Brenda Z
Look in your yellow pages for Private Investigator training. It sounds like you would make a good one :)

You can be a Certfied Nursing Assistant and make about $13 an hour with very little training. It takes about two weeks and usually the hospital will train you for the job. Very much in demand.

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