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What is the average yearly raise, percentagewise?
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What is the average yearly raise, percentagewise?

I've been at my job for a year and 3 months and my last raise was 2%, is that normal or is that lower than average? i'm a legal secretary so I know what the market is, I just don't know what the raise average is.


Two (2%) percent sounds lower than average bec the most common escalation factor used where they gauge the price raising each year to keep up with inflation over time is like in the range of three (3%) percent to four (4%) percent.

The salary of most jobs are based on supply and demand within that particular working area...and possibly 2% is acceptable if you have less experience and seniority/time with your employer. Basically the more an important employee contributes to a company's bottomline profit, he/she has earned a higher bonus or raise bec if the employer didn't recognize that individual, technically he/she would resign and work for a competitor who would be happy to welcome this individual onboard of course based on their demonstrated track record of accomplsihments!

Hopefully you understand the pic I am trying to convey that emphasis should be (i) placed on fact that you have a good attitude and if hired would show gratitude by showing up on time and working diligently in accordance with your job description; (ii) it is absolutely vital that you leave your managers the first impressions that you are a hard and dependable worker carrying out assigned tasks and keeping yourself busy even little things rather than trying to make friends or standing around idle; (iii) reliability that your boss has experience and knowledge in knowing what's best given the situation(s) and you do whatever tasks he/she asked you as long as they are legal.

Bottomline, Be Grateful You Have a Good Job and Next Year you may be lucky to get either a bigger raise or perhaps a BETTER PAYING JOB!

Best of Luck!

Average raises I have seen and talked with my employer clients about range from 2-5% each year. I think 3-4% is a good average. It usually depends on your performance and most of the times the company's performance.

Check out http://www.salary.com for more information and pick up "Salary Tips for Professionals" for more guidance on how to get a better raise next year.

Good luck!

average is usually 3% but not everyone gets a raise annually.

Lyndon C
Any average % raise will not be that helpful as a practical matter. Also, raises aren't guaranteed.

In theory, the raise will bring your salary to the market rate for a legal secretary with one more year of experience than when you started. Therefore, to give you an answer you can use, you'd have to provide info about the market you're in, what type/size law firm you work for, etc.

That said, 2% is not unusual. Depending on your employer's finances and your value to them, you might be able to negotiate a bigger raise. Contact an employment agency (on your own time and using your own or a pay phone) to find out what you could be making somewhere else, and use that number to determine whether you should askfor a bigger raise or whether you should find a higher paying employer.

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