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What kind of good paying jobs can a convicted felon get?
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What kind of good paying jobs can a convicted felon get?


Ed W
The fellow that mentioned the inland boat industry is wrong. The Coast Guard does an in depth back ground check and by September 2008 you will have to have a TWIC card that requires an extensive background check which checks five major data sources and does not allow felons convicted in the past 5 years or ever if it falls with in certain types of crime.

Starting out a deck hand will make from $120 to $220 a day for days worked. Most company's work 14 or 28 days on and 7 and 14 days off respectively. Though there are a few companies that have an equal time schedule.

One thing you might consider is trying to get a job with a refuse disposal company (yes, garbage man) as those companies don't fret about your criminal history. They pay reasonably well $11.50 to $15.00 to start, and some offer basic benefits.

It is true that once you have a job it is always easier to find another so you can use it as a building block toward something else.

Once you get a job go to the local community college and start taking courses in something you like that will turn into a job down the track. Heating and air conditioning, auto mechanics, and construction as was mentioned earlier are good tracks to get on. You will meet people there that will point you on the right track and may be able to introduce you to people who will hire you. Now a days they call that networking.

I am not an employer, but:
Depends on the felon - the person, and his / her skills training and motivation.

I like the plural in jobs, because in the early days such a person needs to get work soon, and a stable career in a while.

Construction work pays pretty well or you could learn a trade.

Mitchell S
your own business............... you'll never get rich workin for the man...

if your serious and want to suceed............ find something your passionate about and follow that !!

Go into business for yourself and open a custom license plate making company.

I hear the average pay for a skilled hitman is pretty good.. Seriously though, Construction work, Landscaping, basically anything where physical labor is used, and your credentials will do you no good... even if your credentials are ruined..

McDonald's will hire.

If your in the U.S.A. you can run for President

Depends on where you live..... Inland marine industry will hire you.... As long as it wasn't a firearm or drug related crime... Pays differ from area to area but generally $150-$500 a day...

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