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What kind of job can a felon apply for?
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What kind of job can a felon apply for?


Well if he is, or was, a good thief, he could apply for work as a security consultant.
Many ex-burglars who have converted are now installing alarm systems and such since they are familiar with the systems and know how they work and therefore can do a better job of it than someone who isn't..

it really depends on what kind of crime it was. generally if it was any kind of theft most places wont hire you. You cannot work with children or in a health care facility if any abuse went on. Basically the choices are not great.

I've worked for law firms and occasionally in the criminal law, and I've seen felons do auto mechanics and construction. Usually if you're a felon they don't want you doing anything near money or working in peoples homes. Service type jobs are fine but usually you have to let your employer know you're a felon because your parole officer will be checking in with them to see that your'e following the rules. Although you probably would work with other former felons you still can't hang around with them, and it's best not to do personal chatting with them since you want to change your life so that you'd be able to work. If you have no skills then find out how you can go to trade school (maybe work and pay for school at the same time) so you have some skill and can get work.

AL is legendary
IDk besides working from home

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