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What kind of lawyer do i need to sue my employer? ?
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What kind of lawyer do i need to sue my employer? ?

I have a broken finger that happened while i was working and now they said they want to fire me after my finger gets better. I am currently getting workers comp. They are gaining on me for no apparent reason and think I don't want to show up for work and expect them to pay me when i really am not. and there is more to the story


you have nothing to sue for.
workers comp will pay medical bills and a portion of your normal earnings if you are unable to work. once you are released to work your employer may fire you if they decide to. you must follow the steps and do not miss any doctors, therapy or retraining that the WC insurance schedules for you. if you are released to lite duty you must attempt to do the work if the employer has lite duty work that meets the doctors requirements. follow your doctors and insurance adjusters instructions and don't worry about what the employer may do later (you can not control the future only your present).

if they do not have cause to terminate you then you may qualify for unemployment insurance. if you are terminated file you can do so in most states on-line.

there is no such thing as "wrongful termination" unless you have a contract or the reason you were fired was based on an illegal reason such as discrimination.

An Emplawyer ?? :-)

Barry auh2o
You need an attorney who will tell you it is foolish to sue an employer. Word gets around you are suing an employer, then why should anyone hire you if you are possibly going to sue them in the future.???

If I were you, I would think real hard about sueing . Real hard.

sorry but it is quite legal to terminate you while on W/C, also because of W/C you can not sue your employer you have to sue the Ins company

You need an employment lawyer, but, it may not be worth it to hire one. Because most of the money that you might be awarded will go to attorney fees.

File the case on your own, either in small claims court or civil court for wrongful termination.

butterfly kiss
I'm trying to find out if i can sue the company i work for. i got wrote up last year bc i was scared to get on a cherry picker that takes me high in the air. well 3 weeks ago i was told me i would have to get back on one. i told the plant manger, the plant super, and hr. They didnt seem to care. I went into work the plant super made me carry the harrnis all the way back after telling him i cant breath. it got worse i could not only get enough air into my lungs, my heart felt like my heart was going to beat out. and everyone in the building was watching me. so i went to hr office and told her i need to go to the er. she then told me ok u will have to use vacation. once i called my husband off his job to come get me she then asked if i need a ride. once i got to the er my hr called and said i was getting written up. our hand book states that we are to work safe do not put ourselfs in a poisitin that we dont feel safe. they didnt listen to me at all and i got embrassed bc all this took place in front of most people i work for. i had a panic attack.and i cant sleep bc i wake screaming about today

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