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What legal questions may a HR representative ask my past employers about my past employment history with them?
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What legal questions may a HR representative ask my past employers about my past employment history with them?

I heard from a former HR rep. that the only legal questions they may ask are: Has (so-in-so) worked in your company before? And for how long?

Is this true. Are those the ONLY legal questions they may ask?


Mom of 2
It's not the asking of questions that has legal boundries, but the answering of them. MOSt compnaies will only answer questions regarding your dates if employment, job title and salary. Answering any questions about job performance, especially negatively, could put the former employer in a very bad legal position so they won't even go near them

In most cases,HR is only responsible for giving your account of employment (that you worked there) and for how long,and maybe the future employer will inquire as to whether or not the past employer would re-hire you. Well we all know this isn't a perfect world and with that said we would appreciate people more who did their job as specified. All this to say that I PERSONALLY witnessed a former employee getting trashed by my employer (I was still working there) and the employer didn't care about who knew exactly what he was up to. If found out, the former employee can bring charges against that past employer.

it's true. but the problem is how they are answered. if you did something the former folks didn't like or they want to warn the prospective employer, they can hem and haw in answering; they can be rude, or say things like, "you're asking about who? yikes!". even though it's against the law, it's still easy to disparage someone. if you think that is what is happening, then give the name of someone at the company you worked for that did work well with you.

It varries from state to state, but typicaly they can verify

A) Your dates of service
B) Your salary (not sure on that one)
C) If you are eligble for re-hire

Though I don't work in HR, myself, I don't call HR for my reference checks either...

Verify dates of employment
Your position
If you are eligible for rehire

Do they only look at reviews for eligability to rehire? I ask because my manager trashed me on a posting application when I applied for another position in the company. I found out he lied and no-one will stand up for me because they are still working with him.

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