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What should i do if my manager is accusing me of stealing money from my work place?
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What should i do if my manager is accusing me of stealing money from my work place?

My manager and area manager are accusing me of stealing money from my workplace, but there is no evidence that i have, it is becoming to a point that i dont even enjoy going to work no more, because they are constantly behind my back talking about me, the sad thing is that all of the other managers know about there plan, i just want justice to play a part, i know that i will never steal a penny from my work. what should i do get a lawyer or talk to HR


Bottom line, find another job. If they had evidence you would have been fired. You job environment will not be pleasant if and when you start going to the HR dept. Find an Atty who will tell them to put up or shut up, this will cost money, or get on with your life.

If they have no evidence (and you truly did not do it) go right to HR. Baseless accusations like that are a very serious issue.

Mike J
sounds like harassment to me. I'm no lawyer though.

I would find another job and tell them to go **** themselves!

Kristen Banker
human resources is yr best bet. But be prepared to find another job.

ciao bella
both - lawyer and hr - - hr first and let them know that if the behavior from your boss/co - worker keeps up you will seek legal action. dont quit though as much as you may want to because then you will look guilty!

Tell the HR manager first.File a complainant against them.
Keep a log of who, what and when they are accusing you.
It would also help if you have witness to them saying things
to you, ask them to tell HR also.
Suggest that you would submit to a lie dector test.

take a bow
Visit an attorney and have him construct a letter in which he mails to your manager addressing the issue. Then, keep a copy of the letter and find yourself a new job.

Vincent N. Maxwell
Good morning, I am in retail myself. If they are saying you took money? One of them has or is about too. Do you know the number at your job for loss prevention? Not HR loss but prevention. Call them first, they will either install camera's or go over the books to see what is going on? Do Not! tell anyone you have done this! Besides you may get a reward from your job for stopping a thief from getting away.
Good luck

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