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When I quit my job am I owed both accrued vacation and sick time...or just vacation time?
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When I quit my job am I owed both accrued vacation and sick time...or just vacation time?

I am in the state of Louisiana so any help from the locals would be appreciated.


It depends on your company policy.

You will get your vacation time paid out but not your sick leave..so take your sick leave before you leave, or you will looose it.

Jackson D
Company policy has a lot to do with it. Check your benefit package they gave you when you were hired or the company website if possible.

The norm is that you receive all pay for vacation time earned. You don't receive pay for sick leave. Sick leave is forfeited. You receive pay for vacation days or floating holidays not used. Floating holidays are what some companies give their employees for working on a holiday. Good Luck!

If I were you I'd use up vacation time before quitting

Since Vacation and Sick Time is not covered by any Federal Law, you need to check Louisiana Labor and Company Policy.

Normally Company Policy, you are paid for Vacation Earned but not taken, but not paid for accrued vacation nor sick pay.

Again, by Federal Law you are owed nothing.

Hmmm. I believer you just cash-out your vacation time.

The law in most states does not require the pay out of either sick or vacation. Some states do say that employers must follow the company policy they set in place.

Sick time is usually not paid out at termination. Accrued vacation time may be paid out if your company's policy is to pay it out. Some companies require adequate notice of resignation before they will pay out accrued vacation. Some will not pay it if the employee has been terminated.

Check your employee handbook.

When you quit a job you are saying goodbye to all your agreements. If you have a Governmental job or a Executive Level job you may have a shot at some cash and prizes but essentially your quitting and they (your employer) are not obligated to you in any way whatsoever. You can continue your benefits through a cobra plan. Thats about it. You quit and all bets are off basically.

I just want to know if anyone knows what would happen if I call out sick after giving a two weeks notice. I have lots of sick time and vacation time and they won't let me use any of my vacation time during the two week period, and expect me to work it. I have only called out two times in over one year.

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