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Why are felons discriminated against when applying for a job?
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Why are felons discriminated against when applying for a job?


Michael S
Because they are felons.

I should be doing something else
I think the answer to this question is pretty self explanatory.

just me
i guess they think that EVERYONE that has a felony is really guilty.not like someone could have just been mixed up with the wrong person and not been blinded for a while by the relationship and learned a lesson after. AND been on a better path since,man i could keep going..........

Because at some point in there life they decided to make a bad choice and ended up getting caught....hence deeming them untrustworthy. Employers like to hire people that they can trust.

It is difficult for employers to discern the truly repentant felons from the repeat offenders.
Some employers do recognize that hiring a felon will allow that person to be employed and that job will be so valuable to him or her that they treat it like gold; eg. not call in sick unless necessary, use resources wisely, be respectful, and even keep to themselves instead of be a busybody. Hiring a person who has served time can have it's pluses in loyalty.
It is hard to discern who is on the right path though.
There are so many felons with prior drug use that are clean now - it is such a shame to see how hard they try to find work.
Al the more reason to tell your kids - dont do drugs!

I own a business and would never hire a felon. I just wouldn't trust them. That simple.

It's risk mitigation - employers don't want to assume liability for an employee's potentially felonious actions (theft, battery, etc.)

It is legal to decline an applicant for employment if they have a felony conviction.

because they are criminals and shouldn't be trusted - it especially depends on what crime they committed - our society is way too forgiving.

b/c employers see u as breaking the federal/state laws, and think u may break their company laws.

Who are any of us to judge a person on what they have done everyone I mean everyone has done something many have just not been caught and who are we to say that person is a bad or horrible person no one everyone deserves a chance and many peolple with felony's are discriminated against no one if perfect so if you are that person looking down on someone for a mistake they made in their past then you need to take a look at yourself you never know what position you may be in one day the same felon you frowned upon may save your life and the same judgement you passed will be passed on you all cause we all fall short of the glorious standards of God so don't act as if you've never did any wrong you just didn't get caught at least not by man but God see's all !!!!!

david conn
most people do not think past there own sheltered lives . by making it more and more difficult for felons to get jobs in a society where felonies are handed out like parking tickets as well as jail sentences, we are in fact creating more crime and criminals as well as contributing to the break down of our own society. when felons are unable to find legal employment and have bills and family to support as well ...illegal activities and welfare or government aid are the only viable options for many. not to mention where the hell is the gray area here ? all felonies are not created equal.. why is there no reform in the corrections department just repeat offenders .. why does the us jail so many of our own citizens , 5 times more than the rest of the world . in a recession why has the prison industry still continued with great success and why are so many non violent offenders in jail and denied work when released ? did they not pay the price for their crime or was their sentence for a lifetime of ridicule persecution and unemployment??

So, no one deserves a second chance!!!! What if that was you that made a mistake and has changed your life around!!, Would you want another chance.. We all make bad decisions in life no matter what it is from kids, drinking, drugs, relationships... So you should be judged? REMEMBER WERE NOT PERFECT IN ANY WAY. Treat others as you want to be treated. And if your wondering I have nothing on my record - if I did I hope someone would be willing to give me a second chance.

hello to all I am a felon I could not find a job because I am a felon I created my own world my own job business no one would rent to me at one time seem very hopeless now I have more money than most people do I've learned not to help nobody and everybody cheats steals everybody's looking for the gold and everybody makes mistakes and everybody in the universe will be judged judgment days coming you will have to explain your mistakes and be sentenced the subject still upsets me reading all what people have to say

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