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Why is a good salary important in a job?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why is a good salary important in a job?


So you can support yourself and your family.

Susan R
what you term as a good salary is just of now. 6 months down the line you will realize that the salary is no longer good enough. If you start off with a -not-so-good salary you will have to make do with it for a long time before you get a review. Do you plan on meeting your needs with your salary on a monthly basis? Do you plan on saving? Do you plan on retiring one time? See what answers you get on these questions then act wisely.

Schmoke and a pancake?
Huh? What kind of question is that? DO you like having a roof over your head? Three meals a day? Walking-around cash? Appreciation for your hard work? Then you already have your answer.

A good salary is important in a job for more reasons than one! You need to support youself and your family. If you have kids you need to be able to send them to school and college maybe. If you don't have money because you get a poor salary, your kids will be missing out on their education. You need the basic needs and a house! I mean, where are you going to get all of that money? From a job. If you don't get a great pay, than you won't be able to buy the things that you need to live. You will end up living on the streets and begging!

Another reason is, what if you work REALLY hard at something you do, and don't get paid well AT ALL! You know you need to be earning more money. A good salary is important when you are doing something well and earning your money! Doesn't it make you feel really good when you work hard at something you love AND earn money? It is a double win!

Salinda M
Salary is a ruler to measure how important you are in a company.

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