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Are there any husbands out there who wash dishes, and do laundry regularly(my husbands wants to know)?
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Are there any husbands out there who wash dishes, and do laundry regularly(my husbands wants to know)?

My husband wants to know if he is the only who washes dishes, and does laundry, and iron clothes for his wife? Are there any men out there who helps his wife also??
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Me and my husband both have full time jobs. I told him recently that I simply just can't do everything in the house! His chores are washing dishes(since he makes most of them dirty), I will cook, He will do his own laundry, and I will do mine. And he also irons my clothes for work (since I can't iron). And I do all the bill-paying and budgeting.
He is telling me that it's not common for men to do ANY chores around the house, and I told him I know many people who are married, and their husbands help out.
So we just wanted to know what the other husbands out there are ACTUALLY doing??


My husband doesn't do it regularly b/c he works off , but when he's at home he helps me. Sometimes he does it without help from me 2.

My husband cooks, does laundry, washes dishes, takes the kids to school & picks them up, takes care of half the bills. In other words U name it. Dont let urself do all the work because they get laizy and think its our responsibility only. We also work, and we also get tired. & No one picks up our mess so why should we? If they want all the house work done, pay some one to do the job.

Sweet Pea
My husband cleans the house (and in fact, does it more thoroughly than I do, as my version of cleaning is "Speed Cleaning"); cooks (as in gourmet), sets the table when we have company, food shops, does dishes and will do the laundry if I ask him to, but I like doing it. He folds clothing better than I do! He will take care of other chores too; the dry cleaning, the post office..things like that. Our joke in the family is that I wanted a wife in a man's body.

We share these things: we both cook, clean and take care of chores, but we don't have a list of who does what and when. It sort of evolves this way. I pay the bills, while he deals with the larger issues that I haven't got the patience for..dealing with the mortgage company, the real estate agents when our house was up for sale, legal issues, problems with the neighbors, and getting our cars maintained or repaired. He also maintains the house and fixes plumbing problems, electrical issues, and maintains the lawn and yard. In fact, he is the decorator in the house - thank god we have the same taste! I am in charge of our pets. I feed our 8 cats, change their litter, take them to the vet, and feed the fish. He cleans out the tanks because I don't have the patience for that. I deal with getting all the garbage together and bringing it down to the curb.

While sometimes it feels like I am doing a lot of the chores after I get home from work, the truth is that he makes as much of a contribution as I do, but in different ways. We have our own rhythm and appreciate what the other does well.

My wife and I have been sharing the chores since the day we were married
And will continue to do so

I hate dishes. I must admit, I seldom do them. But, I clean toilets, scrub floors, and am a better cook than my wife. My wife does more than me, but I do all work involved in our home. Heck, I even freeze, and can veggies. I hunt, and butcher my own game. My wife helps. She has even helped track a lost deer. That certainly wasn't HER job, but she helped. We are a team. So are you. That means you both help each other.

My husband helps out tremendously at home.. since we both have jobs, its only fair that we share the housework

Sure, plenty! Mine does! Seriously, rest assured, they may not be the majority, but you will be "pleased" to know it is gaining popularity.

spike missing debra m
i wash the dishes-and i do 90% of the cooking-she washes her own clothes, i wash my own clothes, and we both wash the kids 'clothes, although she does far more of the kids' clothes than i do-i'm too klutzy to iron anything without messing it up-we split the rest of the housework between us-whoever has the most time and energy, and is feeling more inclined to clean...

My hubbie does.

We share responsibility.

Mr. Spaz
Not regularly, but I do do the dishes and laundry every now and then.

Mandy M
My husband is great. We tend to stick to traditonal roles, I clean, cook and do laundry, he tinkers around the house fixing things that probably don't need fixed. He does do the dishes on the weekend occassionally. I am CEO of our household and make sure he is well taken care of, fed, clothed, rested and his evening beer is opened when he gets home! You both sound as if your priorities are in order. If you work the same number of hours per week however, he should split the housework.

I work from home so at times it is hard for me the fact my husband comes home from working 10 hours and starts cleaning but he has made it quite clear to me it both of our responsibility not just mine alone. So instead of having designated things we each do we just make a point to get things done if they need to be done and not really keep a roster of who is putting in more time and effort. It works great for us and the house always stays clean.

good for you . i have to let some of my husband dishes pile on just so he can see how much mess he makes. he does help clean...sometimes. but yes there are guys out there who help out around the house. i mean they live there to.

no way dude should you start doing laundry or dishes it will led to you wearing a skirt................take care of outside duties only.
does your wife cut grass or weed eat

Samba Queen
Yes. My husband and I both work full time jobs (we are both professionals with advanced degrees). We also split the housework equally. We have a cleaning lady who comes and cleans every Thursday and in between her visits we share equally in the laundry and various other things that need to be done until her next visit. Think of your house like a ship. If you don't keep it in tip top shape at all times, it's going to sink.

Classy Granny
My brother is a super husband. He and his wife share household chores because they both work 40 plus hours out of the house every week.

My wife and I have been married 23 years. She is a stay at home mom with (2) children 5yrs &3yrs. I do all the cooking, shopping, budgetting, some laundry, all home repairs and child care when she needs a break. I am finding that the more I serve her the better she is able to relate to the children and to me. We are very happy in our marriage.

My husband does chores, he knows that if he wants it done that he needs to do it.

Um, tell your husband that this isn't the 1950's and that it is NORMAL that he pull his weight around the house.

me and my husband also both work fulltime jobs, and he helps out around the house every day with everything we dont have set chores but we both do the laundry,and dishes.i budget the bills he gets the stamps. we both clean the living room, and the bedroom and both do the outside chores also. he even cooks for me sometimes. so yes there are other men out there that helps there wifes

Olivia R
Both my husband and I work full time and we both go to school. He does the laundry and the dishes. I take care of the rest. It isn't easy...but if it weren't for my husband helping out, our house would be total chaos.

Of course! My husband usually does all the laundry, he helps me with the dishes, and cleaning around the house. Things like that just shows you have an awesome man!!!

I dont. I do help her with anything she needs help with.

More than will admit it. I help my wife with a kick in the butt once in a while to get her off the computer. (just kidding)
There are no 'his' or 'her' jobs, just a lot of s**t that needs to get done. My wife mows the lawn, I butcher the chickens.

Yes, we split the household chores up. I cook and wash/clean up dishes. She does all laundry. We both clean house. Our sons help also. Oldest cleans bathrooms, youngest vacuums, picks up. If he thinks that only the female works in the house than he is watching too many "Leave It to Beaver" episodes and needs to move into the 21st century. It is too hard, if both people work outside of the house, for one person to take care of the house.

WOW!! I can't BELIEVE all the guys that actually HELP or DO chores at home besides outside work!! I'm MORE then impressed. Let me tell you!!! However, my dad, my first husband OR my second have NEVER nor shall EVER lift a finger to do 'women's chores'!! VERY redneck and DARN proud of it!! That includes taking care of the kids. NO, I don't like it nor shall I EVER like it....but Jesus will be back soon....and there will be no more chores!!! Hurry, God...I"m hurtin' here!!!

NO I do not do windows either.

I did all the laundry and almost all the dish washing. I did all the ironing as only my good shirts need to be ironed as everything else is permanent press. I also did all of the handyman stuff around the house, took care of paying the bills, and half of the child care.

Since the divorce, about two years ago, I have our daughter 3 1/2 days a week and, obviously, do half of everything for her.

My wife does more than her share, but I do all the above. Did three loads of laundry, dishes, etc., today. We both live here. We both work. We both share the load.

yep.my hubby works full time than come s home and helps me with cleaning the house


Yes, my husband also does maximim work of house and i also insist him to quit the job and take care of house hold job and i will earn and take care of the family as such i earn more then him and i can concentrate in the job and he can look after thehouse job etc. But the same has been mutually agreed and he is on 3 motnhs leave on trial basis. i love him so much and he also loves me and respects me and listen to me. PRITI

My husband has not cleaned anything since I've moved in and it is completely a challenge to even get him to throw away his used kleenexes. I would definitely set a plan about who will do what from the day you move in together. Lazy has taken on a new meaning, ,... if I suggest he get the towels from the dryer he said i was being a b&%*$ and barked that we should just divoce! Yeah, men overall are each different, my last serious relationship was with one who helped with everything.

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