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Best mother's day poem to comfort a mom who recently lost a child?
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Best mother's day poem to comfort a mom who recently lost a child?

I dated my boyfriend for six month. He committed suicide.
well, mother's day is up, and I want to write a very short poem to his mother. I don't want to remind her of her son's passing. I want to comfort her. any ideas? Thank you
Is there any famous poem suitable for this situation. I rather copy than creating my own. thanks


Candy B
in your heart lies a treasure which will always be true
every day is a pleasure because I know you

[the treasure is the memories of her little boy as he once was]

b west
You can call her. Visit her. Let her know you are thinking of her. It doesnt have to come with words, poems, it may be too soon. She is healing, greiving. I personally wouldnt do any of that. Maybe pay her a visit with flowers. See how she is holding up. have positive talk to bring to the table. Something exciting, flowers blooming, warm weather and a new exciting event scheduled in the area.
I wouldnt do a poem. I think she will be happy that she is remember on such a difficult day. Flowers with no note will be perfect.
I am sorry for your loss as well.

Honey Bee
Honey, I know you mean well, but the fact is, for a mother who has lost her child, on mother's day, there is no way she will NOT be thinking about her child. It's natural, and it's also unavoidable. I think what she would appreciate most is a visit. She's going to be thinking about him no matter what. The most you can do is make sure that she's thinking positively. Visit her, talk about the good times, remember him in a positive way, be there to comfort each other if need be. Fact is, she's going to be thinking of him no matter what on mother's day. A poem is a nice sentiment, but it's not going to stop her from thinking about her son, and I think what she needs most is comfort from you, someone who is also going through the loss of someone close, right now.

Douglas B
A visit would be nice. That will give you a chance to remember together rather than trying to put something in a card or on paper that can be awkward. But in chatting you can both share together and she will probably be glad to have this time to spend with you. Very thoughtful.

You really can't comfort a woman who has lost a child.

No parent ever figures they will outlive a child.

And there is no poem you could write either. Don't try. It will come off as stupid, I promise. Write a poem, and keep it. I did.

Sent her flowers, with a note if you wish, signing your name.

My ex MIL lost her son. I was married to him for 18 years. He was killed July 4 several years ago.

I still send her mother's day flowers, even tho I live now with another man, who I will likely marry, (but that isn't important to us).

And I call her occasionally, and will on Mother's Day. But I promise you there is nothing you can do to comfort her. Don't try. Just let her know by a card or flowers that you share her grief.

But I promise you as well, six months is a blink. In a year, you won't remember even who he was.......18 years is far different, isn't it?

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