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Can I divorce my spouse while we are still living together?
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Can I divorce my spouse while we are still living together?

I would like to file for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behavior but am unable to move out of our newly brought home.Can I still get a divorce?


Of course you can as long as you dont site any violence if their are kids in the home, because DCF will not want the kids around any danger. Just assuming and giving a little hypothetical advise!!!

Legally yes. I would think it would work out fine for a couple that has mutually agreed to divorce; however, if it is because only one party wants it and the other doesn't then no way.

Yes you can, that's exactly what I am doing! If you need personal advice you can e-mail me. Good Luck.xx

You can probably do it...the court may question your grounds.

yes you can see lawyer



with the housing situation what it is I bet we will see a lot more of these kind of questions in the future

If there is any way you can avoid living with her afterwards, do it. Money is one thing but the heartache/stress with living/sharing a life still with an ex...man, life is too short. Get some distance. If you can.

Short answer: Yes you can.

you could but it would probably get messy. the best thing 4 you would be to move out and then file for divorce.

You can start the process, but it may be very hard on both of you. I did this myself. I'm not going to lie, it hurts being under the same roof. Hurts both people, and it's a hurry up and wait situation. On one hand you are in the process of leaving what is not making you happy, on the other hand you are facing the reality of failure, and all this under the same roof. There will be a lot of resent, and things said that are just to hurt each other because you 2 are under the same roof through this difficult time. Personally if you can, I wouldn't do it, if at all possible. It's hard, bitter, and hate creeps in and out. Not a good feeling. Good luck to you, I know for me, that period of time was so hard that I got on antidepressants and I was the one leaving him.

serene e
I don't understand the point of staying together but divorcing.
But, yes, you can do that. But with divorce proceedings, you'll have to probably split the sale of the newly bought home!! You won't be able to keep the house unless one can buy out the other.


Susan Z
Yes you can, you do not have to be physically separated to obtain a divorce. Check with an attorney

i would think so

This is different in every state. In VA you have to live seperate for six months to file for a divorce unless you have children then you must live in different homes for 1 full year, and a witness must testafy that this seperate lving condition did in fact occure.

You should be able to get an answer to this question by going to your state law web site.

pee wees mommy
yes, of course you would have to figure out who gets the house but if he is the one who messed up, i am assuming you would.

Terrica L
as long as he is cool with you stayin there. you can get a divorce and live together... you dont have to be married to live together so i dont know why you cant be divorced and live together

Barb W
yes, don't move out. 1/2 that house will be yours and you don't want to risk losing it!

yes but i would imagine it would be a bit irritating haha so u should move out or she should soon xP n make sure u mark everything thats urs.. makes it easier when u have to make the legal list.. better to be civil about this too

ya sure most people do but just end it on a good note or it can be akward

yeah and if there the unreasonable one make them move into the box room.

Talk to a lawyer.

You're willing to stay in the same house with the guy (unreasonable behavior) but you want a divorce? This makes no sense. The reason you divorce is because one of you wants to get the h*ll out of the house.

i hope not, my wife reads these!lol

Oh my Gawddd

Sure you can get a divorce, but are you going to stand living with your spouse, until you can move out?
Be sure this is what you want before you file. Marriage counseling may be a option. good luck!

I Think Idk!

mary b
Yes. You can still get a divorce. Actually I do know of people who got divorced and are still living together. But ask yourself...why would you divorce this person if you are still living with them and are willing to continue to live with them. The court will ask you if you file, so you better have a good answer.

Legally--don't know. Hard on the both of you--without a doubt.
Why would you want to.

Leigh W
Depends on what State you live in - whether or not the State is marital property, etc. You need to see an attorney to protect your legal rights, even if just for a consult and then you file the paperwork yourself.

However- on the practical side of your question - if you & your spouse are still friends and can earn equity in the new home until you can both sell to protect the asset, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to live together despite a pending divorce.

Go to the Attorney General's website of your State and click on Divorce Attorneys or Marital Laws. That should answer your question better than the cyber-public will.

Phoenix Princess of Darkness
Most people do.

Angela L
I am disable and all I hear now everyday is he wants me out of his life we haven't slept in the same room or bed in almost 9yrs he he doesn't pay our mortgage and its in the foreclosure process now so in south Carolina can I file for divorce while still living in the same house and that there is a 14yr old son involved?

Hi shaunie I would really need a personal advice regarding this matter. Need your email add :) looking forward thanks.

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