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Can i marry my boyfriend before my divoce from my husband is final.?
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Can i marry my boyfriend before my divoce from my husband is final.?

My boyfriend is in the states working on a visa.. I would like to know if i can marry him, before my divorce is final. We live in new England but would like to get married in California.. Will the goverment find out? and deport him, within 7 monthes.


I do not know about United State's rules and regulation. But you cannot marry another guy until your divorce is finanlized and you have been separated legally.

The government finding out about him isn't a real issue compared to you being put in jail for bigamy.

Marrying someone else while you're still married is a crime.

By the way, this is the internet. You have just published your intent to defraud the immigration service by marrying this guy so he can stay in the US. You have published this statement in front of millions of witnesses.

A district attorney with nothing better to do that day can make a case for immigration fraud, and can send you to prison.

you need to wait until the divorce is final ! Otherwise you will be in trouble with thge law ! You can apply for a fiancees visa at the immigration for your new man

John B
If he's not from the USA he will need a special visa to get married. To do that he would need to leave the USA, apply for the marriage visa and then return to the US for marriage.

don't hurry. y the huury. take it slow for best results. will ur bf leave u and can't wait till u get a divorse???

sure ...if u do not mind risking charges being filed against you.

NO that would be bigamy, a crime. Also, if u married him now it would null/void/ the marriage. its not a legit marriage as long as you are married to someone else. espcially when u lie about it when you apply for the marriage license and dont tell them. its a misrepresentatoin. now if your talking about underground/evading the law - if u get caught or not, then thats totaly something different. I do not know the likelihood you would get cuaght or that there is a way to hide something like that from the law.

Sandie B
Depends on whether you would like a 'legal' marriage or just one on paper.
Without a divorce, the new marriage is not a binding contract especially in the eyes of the law; and you would be a bigamist which is punishable by law should your first husband decide to file charges against you.

No you can't. The marriage would not be valid and so if you were using it to gain residency, it would be fraudulent and he certainly could be deported. You could also go to jail.

Bad plan!

No! You are in too big of a hurry. Get to know a person before you make a decision to marry. That is not to be taken litely...you are pledging two lives together and asking for God's blessing. Sleep on it.

No, of course not. Polygamy is illegal.

Im sorry but bigamy is illegal in the U.S. Your marrage would not be legal because you are already married.

Helen W.
For heaven's sake, no, you can't get married to one guy when you're still married to another. Yes, the government is likely to find out. And if your boyfriend's visa is based on him being married to a US citizen, he could certainly get deported.

Don't do this, it is a VERY BAD IDEA.

7 months? what??


You can not be married to more than one person at one time in the eyes of the law. When your divorce is final, you have to wait 30 days or present the final divorce decree.

What is the rush anyway? If he loves you he will wait for it to be final and do it right.. and not rush into a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!!

NO you can not get married until you are divorced

Its illegal to marry someone else while married. If you are in a hurry just to marry to keep a man in this country thats also illegal. Not to be harsh but If either is the case you can make plans for jail arrangements. Also if your last marriage didnt work out and you havent even divorced yet whats the rush. This sounds alarms off for me.

Karen S
Wait til the divorce final cause it is not legal to be married to 2 at the same time. Yes they can find out and yes they can deport him. Safe to wait

No. That is called bigamy, which is illegal and likely would be prosecuted in your case. In fact, some states have a waiting period even after the divorce is final. You would actually have to change your residency to avoid that.

You have to be divorced before you can remarry. It's as simple as that.

If you were to marry under false pretenses then it would not be a legal marriage and it would not stop him from getting deported.

Get an immigration lawyer to help him with what he needs to do to stay in the country.

Good luck.

I don't believe you can marry someone if your divorce is not final. Technically you are still married.

Hmmm....... Be married to two men at the same time??
The answer is NO,NO and NO !! You can be arrested for bigamy and serve jail time. And if it is found out within the next seven years,then you will go to jail and he WILL be deported on the grounds that he willing participated in a crime!! And even if he didn't know,He would still be deported on general principles. You don;t think they will let you keep your prize after you broke the law do you ?? Wait until your divorce is final and you won't have to keep looking over your shoulder for the next seven years and wondering when it's going to happen... I hope this has helped you...

You have to wait until your divorce is final.

You absolutely can marry him before your divorce is final. BUT! You'd probably end up in jail for bigamy, fraud, and whatever else they can come up with. And he would then be deported anyway. You're dealing with immigration here and in this day and age the federal government is hypersensitive to stuff like that. So although you could marry him, its not legal.

never you mind
Of course you can't marry him before your divorce is final!!!!! Can you imagine how immoral it would be to have TWO husbands????? WAIT, until your dicorce is finalized, wait a month or two, THEN marry your boyfriend.

you need to wait till your divorce is final, otherwise youll be married to two people at the same time..... try and speed up your divorce

Very Honest
What do you think, getting married is like going shopping?

It would be such a bad decision to get married. You didn't even get divorced yet! What the hell is the rush. You probably don't even know this guy.

Well, if you're that unintelligent, payback will show you how unintelligent when you'll probably be divorcing that guy too.

Jenny W
No you can't. Why are you in such a hurry? Of course the government will find out, who do you think you file your marriage certificate with? You have at least half a mind, use it.

Surely you know the answer to this. It is no, you cannot marry one person while already married to another.

You could marry him but it wouldn't be a valid marriage. For it to be a legal marriage you have to have your divorce final.

Please if you do not know this you do not need to be getting married again.....


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