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Can my wife stop me from selling the house( it's in my name only)?
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Can my wife stop me from selling the house( it's in my name only)?

I'm wanting to sell our house and move into something i can handle a little easier(a smaller home) She does not want to do this. The house is in my name only .I make the mortgage payments and my parents left me the money that was used to put the down payment on the house. the argument has gotten so big that it threatens a divorce over it. I know I'm screwed if we do that. Even though all the money used for this house was my inheritance, I've been told that I would still have to give up half to her. But can I sell it without her permission ,if we're still married?
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We are going to lose it, if we don't do this, but I can't make her see it.


if the home is in your name only i believe u have the right to sell it no matter what, but depends on what state u live in. money from an inheritance is not community property unless it gets mingled with money u share with her and since her name is no where on the deed u could probably legally sell it.

Betty M
An inheritance is NOT community property (a marital asset). It's considered your personal property. Since the house was paid for with your inheritance and put in your name, I don't think your wife can touch it and she can't stop you from selling it.

If I were you, I wouldn't guess about where you stand legally in regards to your inheritance or this house.

Don't tell your wife, just go see a lawyer and find out where you stand, before you do anything.

You can sell it without her permission how ever the divorce thing is a big threat. Something that you should take seriously.

You would probably need to talk to a lawyer on the legality though. if she serves you with the divorce papers first the house is hers pretty much. even though the house is under your name it is still an asset that she can tap into. I think you should hear her out and find out the real reason why she wants to keep the house. And keep your opinions out of it first till you understand why she wants to still live in it.

Do you have a prenuptial agreement?

If the house is solely in your name then YES you can sell it.

There is nothiing she can do about it, because her name is nowhere to be seen .

Divorce is a seperate issue, but by the time that happens the house would have already been sold, and put into your new smaller home.

I think that in most places she can stop the sale, but that's just my opinion and not law.

No you do not need her permission to sell since it in your name only. I assume that you want to move because you can no longer afford the larger house. What yo have to look at at this time and economy will moving really save you anything because of the values today. But if the option is either sell or lose the hose than you have no choice. I would suggest that you sit down with your wife and review all of your bills and income. I would have this prepared ahead of time to save time. If she does not agree than give her the information and tell her to show you how you can afford to stay and give her up to a week to review it again. You are right if you really love her you have to handle this carefully.

Depends on what country you live in.

ur screwwed either way ! buddy ... havent u heard "the womans always right" my sis got a divorce and "HIS" house was sold and she got half..of that and half of all his assets...leave it be... and maybe one day u will see that there is a reason for everything.

What's the point of marriage if you don't want your spouse's name on the deed?

Mike the man
laws are different from state to state some states a man can not sale even thou its only in his name call a title company or call a real estate broker either one can explain it to you

why would you want to do that? In marriage people agree to disagree. You do not both have to have your way and make it a make or break issue. She might have a point. Give her some time she might change her mind.

of course she cant... she is a woman

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