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Can some tell me why would your husband lock his cell phone?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can some tell me why would your husband lock his cell phone?

and always keep it hidden?


He has something to hide.

He doesn't want anyone to find out what's on it... he may be hiding something.

Simple. He doesn't want you to know who he calls or who calls him.

to hide it from his wife.

<Raised on Promises>
Why don't you ask him about it?
Obviously he is trying to hide something.

Gill P
He's probably nailing your best friend

Maybe he's trying to avoid you or hide something... o_0

because he took naked pictures of me and doesnt want his boys to see it ;) true story that they did so now he keeps it locked

al in all iguess for privacy reasons...

because he doesn't want anyone looking at it...

I keep my cell phone locked ... otherwise I sit on it and make random calls to very confused people. And half the time, even I don't know where it is.

Don't assume the worst.

Hes's probably got pictures of other girls on his cell phone

that judi
HOw did you KNOW it was locked? snooping?

Hiding Something...

ask him...or snoop around and find out his pw...you might actually be able to figure it out...guys arent too creative with passwords...haha!! Good luck...

Mat :D
maybe there is something bad on there that he doesnt want anyone to see

Emily J
he probably has something on there he doesn't want' you to see..

it doesnt necessarily mean he's cheating..everyone likes their privacy!!

because you keep looking in it

possibly he likes to keep what ever is on it private. Better talking to him about it if your uncomfotable with it.

But don't let it get you paranoid, some people are just like that some times.

Queen Of Blasphemy
Three options come to mind:
1. he's having an affair, and the cellphone is a way of contacting a person he shouldn't be: it has incriminating messages or numbers on i.
2. he's just generally a secretive, private person.
3. he has private information on it, but not necessarily something bad, or even about him. It might be a mate that told him something, and the messages are on his phone, and he said he wouldn't let anyone else find out or something.

Either way, you should ask him about it, but try not to do it in a confronting manner. Or, if you have other reasons to be suspicious and think it's the first thing, try forgetting your mobile and asking to borrow his. You don't even need to go through it; if he lets you, he probably has nothing to hide. If he's jumpy or makes an excuse, something shifty's going on!

he is obiviously hiding somehing u betta hack into it


You really have to ask? He's having an affair.

To keep you from seeing all the calls he's making to the girl he's having an affair with.

Frank A
because he's CHEATING!!!

To keep his wife out of it....

Well Hi my name is Nirra and i have a list of things
1. He could be cheating on you
2. Maybe he has some pic of stuff
3. He just doesnt want no one to get into his phone espically if it gets stolen and then the person that stole it can get no where with it.

hes got things to hind and dont want you to know about.. so with that said i think i would do some checking on him and see if hes where he says he is or doing things you dont think are normal.. you will know what to look for. if it dont feel right or guts telling you to keep an eye on him i would.. good luck

Because he is hiding something. Ask him what he has to hide. Tell him to unlock his phone, and you want to see it right then and there. If he says no, take it and smash it on the concrete sidewalk.

The obvious.
He definitely doesn't want anyone else knowing what he knows, or what he's doing.
If you share a joint account, you may have access to the secret numbers...

If you trust your spouse there shouldnt be an issue with them locking their phone. I lock my phone cuz I do a lot of my banking info and passwords and such on it. So if someone steals or finds my phone I dont want them to be able to access any of that information before I can remotley wipe the phone clean. And for the spouse who thinks the other one is cheating, here is something to think about; Do you really think they would use their everyday phone to call their lover on? NO, if the CHEATER is smart they would get a Cheap pay as you go no contract untraceable throw away phone.

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