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Caught my buddy sniffing wifes panties?
Find answers to your legal question.

Caught my buddy sniffing wifes panties?

I gave him a shot to the jaw and he fell down, then asked me not to tell anyone,
told me has had a crush on my wife for past 10 years.

my wife always liked him too.

now what the hell can I do?


When the mouse is away the cats will play. This time he'll be sniffing the real thing

Sniff his panties. That will show him!

was your wife wearing the panties at the time?

Move out so he can have your kids, your house, your tools, your wife and her panties.

SOME guys have that as a fetish,tell him do not even think of coming on to your wife !

loving you
kick him out

take out a restraining order aganist going near your wifes panties and crotch!!!!!

DonDiva {I luv Tupac!!}
Your WIFE likes your "friend" and your "friend" likes your wife AND sniffed her panties...yet you don't know something is going on...My, my, my you are naive and oblivious to this situation...Here's what you do, continue allowing their relationship to grow as you have thus far, I have a strong 6th sense feeling saying they already slept together at least once.

"Arkie Mom"
Eww, I'm not into any of my husbands buddies that would mean somewhere they are something like him.

Yup, what DonDiva said!!! C'mon guy open your eyes!

kick his a.....ss

Don't hang out with him no more.

Talk to your wife about what happened and what he said about her. If she defends him or doesn't suggest that this "friend" be banned from your house tell her you want marriage counseling. The only response she should have to hearing about some man other than her husband sniffing her panties is "Ewww", "Gross" or some variation of that. Anything else would make me suspect she is doing more than liking him.

ewww why do guys do that?!?!?

that is nasty!

Debbie B
Nothing I think he got the message.

video production
LMAO, this is not a serious question.

Sue C
One thing for sure, he wouldn't be invited to my house anymore if I were you. That really took guts to even do a stupid thing like that! Gross me out! Just keep him the heck away from your wife, that's a given. AND, he's a "friend"?! Who needs "buddies" like that, you sure don't! Best to you...:)

The Vaginator
Let him bang your wife and tape it.

Sniff your buddys wifes panties, teach him a lesson. just to make sure, hit him in the jaw again

Danny O
Explain to ur wife what happened as embarrassing as it will be for u trust me...it will be WAY more embarrassing for him...and she will from then on think of him as a creep u will have no worries from that moment on that he will steal ur wife...TRUST ME I PROMISE U POSITIVE RESULTS IF UR LOOKING TO NOT LOSING UR WIFE TO UR BEST FRIEND

up until you said you decked him, I was about to say, "Dude, I didn't think you saw me."

Just kidding. Crush or not, perhaps, he just likes to sniff panties. As invasive as it is....in the big picture, it's not a big deal. That being said, I wouldn't hang out with him anymore. It's just strange. Suggest he hang out at a laundry mat or something.

Okay, I am just getting wind (no pun intended) of guys doing that. I guess I have been sheltered and I am trying to be mature about it but I have to write... ew!

Having said that (and I did)... what? How do you recover from that and what does she do with what she said to you? Did she tell him? Why did he think he could do such a thing?

Man, move! Ten years!!! What!?? MOVE! He doesn't care what you think. If he is bold enough to do something like that with you in the house what else has he done or is planning to do? MOVE!

ask your wife if she wants your buddy,,if she likes him really, then kick them out of your life..

1) Have you wife stop wearing panties so he won't have panties to sniff
2) Have a threesome

well it is clear that you caint be trusted either, here u are posting it for millions to see, u would no longer be my friend and hey! let someone else sniff her panties

Barack Obama

Just make sure not to Cross Swords!

To the person above me it's: DIVORCE

alicia <3's u

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