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Cheater wife stole my car?
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Cheater wife stole my car?

she stole my car,my phone,and left me with a child to take care of,i have no one to watch him,and now i cant get to work,and ive already talked to the cops there useless


Dude, that is nothing. Trying hearing some of the stories from Army guys. Here are a couple stories of guys who worked for me. This happened during Iraq or afghanistan

1. Wife starts cooking meth, gets addicted to it, then starts running it around the country, abandons 2 kids at Super Cuts and runs off with car, and $50,000 of his Iraq money.

2. Wife runs off with another man across the country using the husbands credit to buy up $150,000 worth of stuff. Sold the house with out his knowledge (the guy impersonated the husband). The two ran off and have not been seen for 4 years now.

3. Wife flees the country and moves to Costa Rica with 2 kids. Soldier can't do anything about getting them back but gets a court order to support wife and 2 kids in a foreign country. She will not divulge their location. Tried to track money... but it was a network of bank to bank to bank transfers.

4. Wife and 2 kids are out on a boating trip with boyfriend. (husband was in iraq) Boyfriend crashes boat, kills everyone except wife. Soldier comes home to bury his kids and get divorce. *wife had a chance to save one kid but chose to save self.)

5. Wife says she is pregnant with husbands baby. Husband in Iraq. Wife moves to US from Germany were they were stationed. Husband must now pay for a vacant apartment in Germany and apartment in the US for wife. Comes home after tour to Germany. Wife says she wants divorce. Husband forced to pay child support...(never even seen a picture of his kid) Wife skips around the country for 2 years as husband is forced to pay child support. Finally tracks down ex-wife, baby is black. Tries to amend things with courts. To late, husband is on birth certificate, and must remain father, and must continue paying child support.

You'll get thru this. Worse things have happened. Get friends or family to help out. Good luck!

Get a lawyer

Mike the man
you can't say its your car or your house when you are married your life isn't even yours anymore and since you don't understand that it might explain why she left you.

Call someone and arrange for childcare. Life throws you some curveballs once in awhile. You need to work. Buy a new phone, get a car (rent one or borrow one or buy a beater). File for abandonment and get a restraining order against your soon to be ex. Don't let her use this child as a pawn. She is not the best one to take care of the child. Pull your life together, it's time to be a grown up.

Theres a product called Zoombak. Install it in your car and pay a mo. fee of 9.00 dollars it will tell you were your car is.

Umm, yeah this is a serious situation.
I think you are really stupid for asking a personal question like this about this certain situation.
This is not the place for you to ask this sort of question.
We are strangers and you don't even know how genuine these people are.
I find it ridiculous that the police have done nothing about this certain situation.

Geez, you're a parent? Poor kid!

find her and slap the **** out of her...and take the kid to a relative or a close friend claim ur car in a court and get ur stuff back and ask for custody of the kid.and go to work..chyea

Get a lawyer and take her to court. There is no reason that she needs to be hurting you like that. Also, make sure you win if there is a custody battle, she doesn't deserve the child if she is gonna act like this.

lets hear your side of the story too...

Open R
I the car was in your name only it's illegal. If not she has as much right as you do to it, Sorry. Get your self a lawyer and get a court order as soon as possible!!!!!

the cops didnt help? report the car stolen to your insurance and stop paying for it she is bound to be pulled over sooner or later and then file for child support from her. they will find her and make her pay. karma will come back to bite her in the ***. best of luck to you.

Matthew M
If you can get transportation and have $25, take her to small claims court and get your stuff back. If your name is on the title for the car and the phone bill is in your name you should have no problem. And if she left you to take care of a kid, you have more leverage.

Also, if you can get a lawyer, you can go after her for child abandonment. When my mom took off and left my dad with my little sister, he got a good lawyer and they went after her. If she did not move back in to the house and help take care of my sister, she would be put in jail.

how heartless did you do something to trigger the situation?

shoot her.

Hahahha hunt her @ss down and take back what's yours but don't heart her.

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