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Do divorced couples ever get back together?
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Do divorced couples ever get back together?

My husband is starting proceedings on the divorce, but I really don't want it. I am going to agree to it, but I just wonder if there is still hope to win him back after the divorce. I know that he cares about me. We have 3 great kids together. I know in a way he still loves me. How do I win him back?


Sir J
Counseling will bring many couples back from the brink. Don't agree to the divorce if you don't want it.

Sweetie - if he wants to get a divorce from you, why try to get him back?

I am going through the same thing - and at first I thought like you did. Then, after a time I figured out that I am much better off without him. He was keeping me down. Maybe in time you will realize the same thing.

Good Luck

He has to feel it, you can't make him feel it.

I question your use of the word "win" in this scenario. He's walking out on you and three kids; I don't think he's a prize.

If he still loves you, why is he divorcing you? If what you say is true, then maybe there's a better solution than tearing the family apart.

Don't hold your breath. If it has gotten to the point of divorce, it's probably too late. If he's any kind of a man at all, he will care for the mother of his 3 kids. It's only natural. However, you have to deal with life now without him and try to make your life happy. If it is meant for you guys to ever get back together, then it will happen. Good luck.

Let him go and if he wants to come back, he will and it's meant to be. And yes, divorced couples get back together. Don't hope too much though coz you might get disappointed if it never happens. You should move on and don't look back. You'll be surprised to see him WANTING you back coz you've moved on.

Not all that good, like it seems

Illeagal Alien
they do

Amber skie (22/f/ca)
I'm sorr you're going through this but from my experience divorcees stay divorced or find other lovers.

Our family friend went through a divorce in 1996 and they are stilll apart ten years later. My aunt had the same thing happen to her, and the husband died but they stayed divorced until his death. They were in friendly terms though

They do get back together but it never works out, if he still loves yuo go see a counselor and work it out, once the divorce is final its time to wash your hands clean and move on,

yes they do. my aunt and her husband divorced because he was an alcoholic, but now they got back together and are very happy. good luck =]

usually it never work after a divorce divorce represent freedom you are signing off his freedom and if you still love him dont sign and try to work it out for the last time

He doesn't love you. He's divorcing you. Sorry to be so blunt, but the sooner you accept facts, the easier it will be for you.

sometimes. but I think it only happens in the movies. Or it depends on the person.

Divorce is really weird because it takes alot of papers to sign...I think.

Sassy n' Sweet
It depends on the couple. I had a coworker who was on her second marriage to the same man. If I was in your position I would fight for him as well if I loved him.

hadley b
yes they do but it depends i feel bad for you i think the best thing to do is give him a chance to talk with him go to marriage meeting with him if he really wants a divorce maybe hes not hate one for you there may or may not be hope.

sincerely Hadley

Yes.But,I don't understand you.If somebody does not want to be with me anymore, then I am not to beg nobody.You are very brave women and take your life in your hand and enjoy yours children.Somebody who live you, don't deserve you.

If you want to stay with him, then you can't go through with the divorce, you must work it out especially if you have 3 kids. Oh yea and by the way Divorces aint cheap so why get one then get back together.

Yes, celebrities do it all the time!!

Chy O
I've seen this happen with a few people as well as myself at one time. And sometimes it will work if things changed between you, however there are a lot of times when it won't work and you are still dealing with the very thing that made you divorce to begin with. Maybe you should prolong the divorce and just take things set by set to make sure you are making the right decision. Good luck to you either way.

My grandmother and grandfather were married three times...to each other. I'm not sure if this was the best idea, seems they couldn't be to happy if they couldn't keep it together.
So it does happen.
But many times, it just can't work out. Divorce is a very hard thing to go through whether you're the one who wanted it or not. My advice, don't revolve your life around getting back together. If it's meant to work out, it will. Then again, later you may find someone who makes you wonder why in the world you were holding on in the first place.
It's sad for the kids though.


Let him proceed with the divorce. YOU may decide that you no longer want to be married to him. You did not state why he is divorcing you. You sometimes just have to remember why certain things happen and then live with it.

My parents separated for 5 years and then got back together and have been together now for four years.

depending on his age maybe he is going through a mid-life thing!

The way that I won mine back...I let him go on about his business..we did not communicate or anything....be nice to him..and let him see that you are going on with your life even if you're not,but don't let him see or know that you aren't. Don't call him or go and visit, let him come to you, because if he really does love you and after some time apart, he might realize that he made a mistake and realize that he is still very much in love with you and he will come to you when he is ready. But you sound like a great gal, don't sit around and wait on him for the rest of your life. There are so many men out there that are waiting to give their love to a great person like you. Good Luck sweetie, and I hope it turns out for the best!

Yes it is possible for divorced couples to get back together, and I think the best way to get him back would be to talk about it with him, and let him know that you still care.

Nancy M.
Yes, anything is possible. Tell him that you don't want the divorce then maybe things will work out for the both of you.I've heard of couples who were divorced then remarried later so anything is possible.

yes, I went through the same situation and he got remarried. now we are working on a reconciliation after being divorced for about 4 years. anything is possible

Only if the couple is really willing to make a try to get back together......
Now trying to win him back, dod what u did a couple of yrs earlier on and see if works after all these yrs because when u love someone your love is supposed to grow for that person
Be strong.....

you will have to court him. you know dress to the nines all the time around him. wear nice smelling purfume, not overwhelming. above all, try to talk to him about the situation. Maybe suggest counseling. But, if this fails or becomes to taxing....Move on and let time deal and fate with the rest.

Dont. Please dont. For your own self esteem and the sake of you and whatever is left of your kids life's dont. I kept getting back together with my ex and she kept taking me back evn thought she did not love me anymore... After 6 years of misttreatments, she cheated on me (how knows for how long) and literally kicked me out of the house. Dont do it. Its hard, but you need to let go and move on. He already has

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