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Do men prefer the wild girl over the wise girl ...?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do men prefer the wild girl over the wise girl ...?

in bed.. your opinion plz..thks.


In bed...yeah...There's not much place for brains in the bedroom. A dumb person can f*ck just as well as a smart one can.

erics wifey
WILD GIRL :):):):):) lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

You can be wild & wise.

Gooroo Foo
Hmmm....bookworm or bombshell?

I'd go wild all the way :D

i prefer a soft and wise woman, one that will take the time for romance

Never ever! No equal foot for comparison. A wise girl (well a wise person) is always given priority, not just in relationships but also at home, school, college, work, and life. You just watch out what could come out from a wild girl that could turn things upside down unless you like your life this way.

Wisdom is the essence of a human person and it always have been and will remain. Logical people prefer order over chaos, and a wise person is one who is able to put things in order. The girl that will occupy your life is supposed to put it in order balance, would you compromise this for uncertain life with a wild girl? You got the answer.

Marta L
They like the one that has the upper hand and knows what she is doing..........lol

˚hɑяd çɑηdʮ˚
obviously. Who wants a wise girl in bed??

Both. The combination.

Definitely wild. Passionate and wild...

Chris D
If by wise you mean experienced, then yeah I'd take that. Being wild is no substitute for a woman that knows what she is doing.

who would like to have wise girl in bed, I am not going to discuss with her financial issues, I want her crazy and wild. sorry to say I want her to be ***** in bed and wise away from bed.
Are you wild or wise?;)

Wild - ive had no complaints either

I want someone that can "THINK" are you living in the mountains???
Do you want to be Dragged by your hair ???.
We`are not in the stone age anymore

lol... If she is wise in bed... She is probably pretty wild too...

Just my guess...


they like both

this was a really good question until you restricted it to the bed.
cuz i can't for the life of me figure out what is bedroom wisdom?

♥Pure Evil♥
I have met some guys that do not prefer the wildness in bed... shocking? Yes, so I thought as well. However, I'm sure the % is higher for the freaky girl.

...... may be a wild girl to keep up the heat,
a wise girl may cool it down too often with wise talk.

wild n bed wise givin head

I would think Wild for a while, but wise for the long haul.

Morgan D.
wild girl duh

Insert Clever Name Here
Cant I have my cake and eat it too? I like a gal with both, so you can have fun in bed and a good conversation afterwards!

What is a "wise girl" in bed?

Hmmm I'm educated successful woman but wild with my man so I think a guy would prefer both lol.

wild...no doubt about it. You stick a wise man in my bed thats no fun lol

i dnt want a freak or a wild grl just sum 1 who knows wut shes doin

Mr. Workin' Out
Of course. Tigers, lions, other wild cats... are all welcome to "pounce on the mouse" and devour it.

Unless of course the wise girl "figures out" she is born 2 B wild.

It's all the same! it all ends ups with the same result! :-)

Exactly what she said!

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