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Do you believe that two people can really love each other their whole lives?
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Do you believe that two people can really love each other their whole lives?


Well it depends on your definition of love. Love takes on a different meaning in every stage of life ; begins with physical attraction, goes on to understanding, respect, need for one another, being a shoulder to cry on, being a pillar of strength in your bad times and at last is about just being there for one another 'coz the couple's been through ups and downs of the rollercoaster called life and then you dont know what you'd have done without one another as the partner. its a lot of hard work, lot of patience, lots of understanding, lots of compassion, lotsa smiles and tears equally.. but at the end its the faith in the relationship that counts.. Thats when "Love" can last a whole lifetime..
you separate even one ingredient and the formula goes "Puff" in the air.. and Love no longer remains "true love" as some would call it.. because without sacrifices, no love would ever be true love..

Weeping Willow
Yes, 15 years married last April and this morning when i left at 7am i kissed my sleeping wife goodbye, daily our love appears to get stronger, we are both almost 40, me this year, and on Saturday we went out all day in London and then a romatic evening meal. She is my rock, my life and my love and i could never love another.....

maybe a mother and daughter or something, sure.

AirMens Girl
Yes and if u cant..then its not TRUE love.. <3

Play nice, children
yes, but love evolves. Couples that have been together for 60 years feel differently about each other than they did when they first fell in love.

Yes. If it is real love then it is not even a question. So many people think they know what love is until 3 years of marrige.

I've seen it in my grandparents, so it must be possible...

Real Talk

MOST DEF... for sure !!!!

Yes. It's just increasingly harder to find, it's almost myth like.

yes I do. love never fells


Yes, even sometimes they divorce one will still have love and years later they get back toghether. Some think once you marry you two are some how connected even if sometimes the stress of life gets too much and we imagine greener pastures. Life is filled with challenges and we sometimes blame those we love for the places were are in right now, instead of appreciating them for getting us to this place. We see what we don't have, and only the negatives that we do have. So yes two people can love eachtother but only if two people really put effort into it.



If they are able to understand each other then they can live

Twinkie Thief
yes.....i wish it would happen for me.... :-)

Of course people can and they have. For example my grandma and grandpa where together for 60 years before my gramps passed away. They are still together in spirit.

Just me
Absolutely, soulmates.

jake m

Yes, but it takes work. You can't just expect to be loved and to love someone just because you did at one time. A lot happens over time. The two people involved both need to work at it.

i believe that it is possible.. but the people have to be commited and willing to work at it.. knowing that it is going to be difficult and not just a joy ride..

yes. but it takes a lot of work from both parties.

Because it is impossible to operationally define love, it is impossible to answer that question.

samra civoremo
Yes, if they respect each other and support, but of course the passion gets weaker by the years and friendship stays forever, so that's why you can love forever someone. Being in passionate love is a different story and I believe that you can't live that with one person forever.

if you mean for their whole life after they meet then yes. if you meen like sole mate and love eachother before they even meet then no

for sure!!

No its just impossible for peopl to love each other every second that long its just not possible evry one has problems but come on im sorry but thats bullcrap

Love is something you choose to do. It doesn't happen by accident alone. People who have been married for many years will all tell you they had to work at it. They had to stay committed to it and nurture it along the way. Too many people nowadays look at love as a disposable commodity. When it no longer suits their interests, they give it up. Their loss as far as I'm concerned as well as the loss of or societal values.


Martin the baby
probably yes, but there will not be mutual attraction anymore

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