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Do you think I should open a bank account with my boyfriend?
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Do you think I should open a bank account with my boyfriend?

We've been together for 4 years and we are living together for 6 months now. He wants to open a joint account. I need some advise.
Additional Details
he makes 10 times more money than I do and I trust him completely. Him cleaning out the account is not an issue


Bob K
My girlfriend and I have our own checking accounts. I have a savings account and we have a savings account together. My ex-when she left didn't say a word but she didn't clean out the checking account, she only took half. I guess that was ok because we do have 2 children. I worked at a job and she worked at her job taking care of the kids. (she had the harder job) so it was only right she have half. I really don't know what kind of relationship your boyfriend and you have. But, use your head if there is any doubt of trust, don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister did that with her bf, they lived together and she put all her money in there. He cleaned it out then when she got home told her its over, the place was in his name also, so i'd suggest also having your own personal savings.


Please don't do that! Keep the accounts separate! Atleast until you get married. You never know what would happen if you did that!

ALSO, If he is being pushy about it, then he's probably planning something....something BAD!

I wouldn't reccommend it. Unless you're planning marriage, even then I'd wait until after your married to do it.

If you choose to, do not put ALL of your money into this account. Only put in a set amount for bills and such. Keep a separate account as a safety net. Hopefully you will not have to use it, but you never know.

beenie 21
No way. You should have your own just in case anything ever happens like you end the relationship. Also if he decides to go with the boys he can gamble your money without your permission so I would say NO!!!

no way! be careful even if you marry!

If you trust him and have been together that long, than I see no problem with it. Just be careful and make sure it is the way you expect it to be. Now, most will say no, but I believe until proven otherwise you have to trust or you can't have a good relationship. Do what you think is best, not what someone else thinks.

Just a friend.

It's a foolish idea to loose your independence before getting married. It's way too early to be thinking this way, about 5 years to early. Once you do this, he can control your ability to have full access to your own money.

I can't tell you just how foolish this is.

I agree, wait til your married. You could consider a joint account for like rent and utility money only, don't get your whole check put into this account though. If you choose not to and he pushes the idea, be suspicious!

its a much better idea to keep those things separate, until your married.

Kitty Kat

He wants a joint account because YOU will be in charge of EVERYTHING money related, he gets the benefit of spending it.

Seriously, say no or ask WHY he wants a joint account but cannot commit to marriage?

heck no! get married and then discuss that, he can leave at any moment with your money...what if you want out? if your married it would be a lot better!

4 years, no ring no date, NO JOINT ACCOUNT.

Probably wait . Its just easier to have your own and not have to ask 'Oh by the way did you write this check?' or 'What is the balance since there is a check missing and no entry '

NO...if something happens you are also responsible. if you have to then I recommend that you make him the tax person..tell the banker that and he/she will understand.
IF the account is for a specific reason then fine..but always keep one separate for your money. Only put in there whats required for expenses. When you break up...make sure the account is closed.

no, thats the worst thing you could do, seriously... BUT if you ARE gonna do it, put as little money in it as possible and keep a separate account for yourself on the side....

I wouldn't.

I would say "yes" with guidelines. You only put in the amount of money that he does, and there should be an EXACT budget for what the money is for. Rent, utilities, gas, food, etc, and you split the remainder for your own uses 50/50.

I would also advise you to look at his current bank statement. How often does he overdraw his current account? What are his spending habits? Putting your money in with his is an ok idea IF he's responsible and has proof (bank statements). This shouldn't be an outrageous request if he has nothing to hide.

Also....just curious. Why is he only a boyfriend and not a fiance? Seems to me, he wants you to commit to him with a bank account. Why not suggest to him that you'll get the joint bank account as soon as he gets the ring!!

I have such issues against that.. I have seen so many bad things happen.. I think your money is your money, and his his.. it's diff when you have a child and are married/own a home together.... u never know..

heh ... if I was you, yes

If I was him ... HELL NO ... is he stupid?

No, I don't think you should.


First of all, if you've been together for 4 years, that' s long enough to decide if you should be married. What's holding you back? If you're waiting for him to ask you I have news for you....he won't. Right now he's "getting his milk for free" and I'm sorry to say...you're the cow. (that's not a reference to how you look by the way. no offense is intended) He is stringing you along girl. Moving in with him was a bad idea. You need to put your foot down and tell him that either you set a date or that's it.

If he wants to open a joint account, tell him that's what married people do. And if he makes that much more money...then he should not need your money....I'd be concerned. He may be making money but what is his DEBT situation like? Does he have more than 2 credit cards? Are the ones he has maxed out or close to it? Do bill collectors call the house? Does he have a really nice car with a big car payment? Student loans? Alimony or child support payments? If he's not banking at least 15% of his take home pay every month then you had better have some serious conversations with him about finances.

If he makes so much more money that you, why would he want to put HIMSELF in the position of having a joint account with someone that he isn't married to? YOU could clean HIM out! That doesn't make any sense.

You may trust him honey, but he doesn't seem like a very upstanding, honorable man. If he was, you'd have a ring and a date.

Think of this: If he does ask you to marry him, is the money for the ring going to come out of your JOINT account??? Are you willing to pay for your own ring? How is THAT going to make you feel?

I recommend keeping your accounts separate. From a financial point of view, it is the best way to track your income and expenses. You have to protect yourself first and you know how much money you can spend on yourself. This way, only you have control over your spending and you won't have to rely on anyone else. Lot's of people make the mistake of giving total financial control to the other person and it usually ends in unhappiness and frustration.

Remember: you are not married, so assets aren't automatically split.

CC Babydoll
you are totally out of your mind if you do

be cool...

opening an account with him is ok but you should each have an account of your own just in case something happens, because in life something always happens.

do NOT start a bank account with your boyfriend. When you marry then it's ok. Im sure you don't want him to take everything and run which is possible if you decide to a joint bank account

no, because anything can happen.

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