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Do you tip the pizza people if you pick up your order?
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Do you tip the pizza people if you pick up your order?

If you pick up your pizza at the place, should you still tip them?

What about Sonic drive in....when they carry out your food to your car, do you tip them for walking it out to you?


amy b
u tip them for walking it out.
if they come to you than u tip them.
if u go to them you dont tip them.

I don't tip the pizza place if I pick up the pizza. I do tip the Sonic people when they bring me my food though. I think it's really more of a personal thing than anything else though!

everybody has a tip jar these days.it's ridiculous.

if some kid comes to my house with the pizza, i tip...because they pay these kids beans, y'know?

the crazy one i saw was at the movie theatre. after i paid $18 for my date and I to see a crappy movie, and $35 on two large sodas, the large popcorn and her gummy thingys, I wasn't dropping a dime into the jar at the counter.

I may be considered old fashioned, but I believe people should never expect tips, nor work solely for them. Yes, the jobs where people need to earn tips to live are stressful and unforgiving, but they build character and that's why they are good for young people that have had everything handed to them, the will be humbled and learn to respect what most consider a lowly existence. But back to the question; Tip if they earned your tip. Did they... smile? take care of any problems with an upbeat attitude?, get your order correct and to your standards?, Doesn't matter if they walked it out to you, or you picked it up...did you feel they deserved a tip? If yes, then by all means... tip. If not, Say thank you and be on your way.

William D
no. I only tip for service. Picking up a pizza is not getting some kind of service.

when i pick up the pizza and take it home no i dont but if i eat there or have it delivered i tip

no as i work for a living , so do they

Deaf Cowgirl 27
What this have to do with Marriage and Divorce Section

No, you do not tip them.

Never ate at Sonic - but no way would i tip the pizza place if i was picking up my pizza and taking it home with me.
Why on earth should i tip them?
Now if they deliver it, i might let them keep the change or whatever.

Absolutely not. If they are delivering at your door, you are typically charged a required or set delivery fee, and it is your option to tip the driver. It's like if you were going inside at McDonalds and ordered a yogurt parfait, would you tip them? No, you wouldn't so it's really no different if you pick up your pizza at the pizza place.

As for Sonics, and Root Beer stands, sure. Those people are providing your food to you and walk it out to you. Granted, I usually give them $1 nothing more, after all, they are being paid a wage by the hour, and they get to keep their tips too.

I always tip the pizza delivery guy, but never if I go pick it up. I do tip at sonic, only a lil.

look at it this way, you are doing the job for the tip by picking up your pizza that's way is cheaper. My question is why doesn't the pizza place tip us. We tip them when we get delivery and when we get the door. I say tip if they deliver but not if you pick up.
And sonic no tip because they don't use gas to bring us our food or run up miles on a car.

Chimichanga to go please!!
No. You don't tip if you pick up your pizza, nor if you go to a drive-in. It doesn't matter if they bring it out to your car. Your car got you there. They only walked a few extra steps to carry your food to your car versus handing it to you at a walk-up window. Tipping is done when they deliver the food to your home or business or when you dine in. Just curious though: why is this in the marriage and divorce section? Not trying to be mean - just curious.

It seems these days no matter where you go everybody expects a tip. It is ridiculous the amount of tip cups you see at registers at any kind of food place. Sonic's is a fast food place. You don't tip for fast food. The tip is meant for when you get served at a table and your getting more than food, you are receiving a service. If you are picking up pizza you are not being served, you are picking up a pizza.

me 4 fun

i dont. do you tip at fast food? no. they didnt provide the service of delivering it to you

and u r not cheap.

Not if your picking up your pizza, no...I havent been to sonic yet, but I dont think you tip there either.

I don't tip if I pick up my pizza at the pizza place. But I do tip at Sonic for them carrying it out to me.

Renee K
This makes me laugh. I have worked in hostility industry for a while, (lead hotel front desk clerk) and have been asked what do I tip many times. I will tell you like I tell them. Do what you think they deserve. If you are happy with the way you are treated and your food tip (what you feel their work is deserving) and if you aren't happy then don't. Tipping is not mandatory unless you are told you must or that it is added to your check.

Only if you receive good service. You are not obligated to tip them. But it would be a nice gesture, because if they saw you again, they would treat you with more respect and attention.

alex vera
I usually don't tip if I pick food up, unless there is something special about the service they provided me, but if someone brings their service to me, like a drive-in or delivery I definitely give them a tip.

*~*I love cupcakes*~*
Depends, if were married then yes a little..the rest later
Divorced, NO

When I pick up the pizza...no.

I was a car hop at A&W (kinda like Sonic, they were the original drive in) when I was 16...we were paid waitress wages, about $2 an hour, so the tips really helped me out.

at the sonic yes.. pizza no

no only if they deliver

amitabh j
yes pick up it

The Return of GANGURO GAL
No, but sometimes I ask them to take out the garbage.

Im in oz.
We dont tip here!
Dont know why either! mmmmmmm

pick up pizza, NO!

Sonic, yes but not the usual % as in the restaurant because most of the time they have to go back in for ketchup or sauce or something.

Joker 1
Picking up a pizza, no.

Sonic drive in, yes.

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