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Does anyone know a low income divorce lawyer in North Carolina?
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Does anyone know a low income divorce lawyer in North Carolina?

Additional Details
Thanks to everyone who has responded, this is a VERY trying time for me.


Wendel S
mzjgh, I got divorced last summer, so I know a little bit about the divorce process. For the most part my attorney helped me through the tough times. The rules are most likely different in North Carolina than Texas (where I used to live) so I don't want to give you bad advice. Try visiting a North Carolina divorce lawyer for help. http://www.legaldivorcelawyers.com/North-Carolina-Divorce-Attorneys.html

Good luck

Look under legal aid in the phone book under lawyers. Our town has an office called legal aid and they don't charge as much as other lawyers. check it out.

Divorce Clinic
$135 simple no contest divorce.
No court appearance.

I used them. It was all done through the mail.

look in the yellow pages under lawyers.there are public asst.who can help you at a reduce price.it also depends on how complicated the divorce is.if there is children involved then you may want to make sure the lawyer is good at handling this type of case,because if they not you could be taken through the rinker.good luck.

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