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Found used condom in my car?
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Found used condom in my car?

Last night well this morning my hubby got home at 7:30am. I had called him all night/morning but he never answered. He got home 7:30am I asked why he didn't answer the phone and where he had been he stated his phone was on silent and he was hanging with friends. I was so upset I left it alone I took my kids to church a few hours later, and found a used condom and wrapper in the back seat of our caravan. I ran in the house and said what I'd thia doing in our van he said I don't know how that got there!. What do you all think? He's making it seem like I'm crazy he's walking around the house as if he's happy and everything is fine its driving me insane!!!!


Calvin M
No, he probably wasn't doing anything that he shouldn't. Maybe he was just seeing what they look like. Maybe he was just showing a good friend how to take them out of a wrapper. Maybe him and a good buddy drank a little bit too much, and decided to explore "alternative" things. Did your minivan smell like a** and catfood?

Brunette wife
He is so full of sh*t.

He knows very well how it got there.

leave him.

sorry to say but don't play dumb, he cheated

Jenn L
There is only one answer, and its not hard to figure it out....He cheated on you dear, and it looks like he did it in your van.

This is a hard one, because you said he is acting like nothing is wrong, when clearly it is. Now we know that the condom would not have gotten there by magic and you know you did not put it there. Ok how long have you both own this van and was it bought used? These are questions to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now I'm not one to put questions in your head but, there are so many possibilities like he cheated on you with a another female or he cheated on you with one of his male friends, the fact that he did not say one of his friends used the van, he can not use that lie. I do not know your situation but you have to make a statement to let him know his answer is unacceptable. What I mean is you take the kids and leave, if he is a real man he will Profess, Provide, and Protect his wife and family (Steve Harvey) (Act Like a Lady, but Think Like a Man) I'm sorry for you and good luck.

when u catch a man in something they always make it sound like its u, because by doing that he can detract u and make u question what u saw. but u can bet its all because he was cheating on u with someone behind your back, and didn't even have the good common sense to hide it or get rid of it. shame on him.

That is something that you will have to talk to him about. Do you really think he did that with someone in the back of your van? Ask him to put himself in your situation. I would go crazy like you did. I don't appreciate disrespect especially from my hubby. You just have to put it all in perspective and decide what you can and cannot deal with and what you will not deal with. It is ultimately up to you. I hate that you are being faced with this mess. He could be lying but then again it could have been a buddy or even a vindictive female setting him up... some women do that! So my advice is to sit him down and talk to him, read the body language and search within yourself. It is easy for all to say leave him but there is a reason you all got married and you do have kids together so all that needs to be considered. If he loves you, he will admit his mistakes and you 2 can make plans to move ahead.

Wow I'm sorry about that happening to you.....have you guys been havign problems or been distant. Unless he borrowed the car or rented it out to someone else I'm assuming the condom is his.

If he's walking around as if he's happy it seems as if he don't care that you're in any kind f pain. Does he have a reason to feel he owe it to you (not saying that you did anything) but his behavior is :-s....

If I was you I would first pray for guidance...dealing with stuff like that is the hardest and we (women) can just become totally overwhelmed with emotion. Have a sit down with him after you calm down. AND THINK before you speak. The best way is to create a strategy, know what you'll say and try to remain in control. I know that when I get out of control, and my husband and I are arguing, he seems to like that...it points the fingers at me being the problem. Dont be the problem....talk and try to remain cool. Sounds stupid...i know you probably feel liek you shoudl have a right to slap him upset the head but I've learned that marriage aint fair half the time. Remain eye contact and demand it of him, the eye's cant lie. Find out what you need to find out..and make the right steps after that.

GOOD LUCK to you.

He cheated on you the normal thing a cheater does make it like your the one over reacting and they didn't do anything wrong. Obviously it's his condom! But do you think he is going to say yeah it's mine hell no he won't.
Hes busted he cheated on you for one not answering his phone and not coming home and the condom yeah that says it all!

he cheated on you

you could have the DNA tested but do you really want to find the answer

he doesn't answer his phone and comes home in the morning....that alone is unacceptable to me.but as id that wasnt enough, he is cheating. all men turn things around when caught, they call you pathetic and psycho.

Katie P
even if that was his condom he's not going to tell you he is a very careless man, I mean leaving a condom in the mini van so you could find it, that's crazy, he sure ain't good at hiding it is he? you know in your heart it was his, who else could have put it there? you didn't so that just leaves him, if I were you I'd be watching his every move, because if he cheated once he'll do it again,I just can't believe he was walking around the house all happy,you two need to sit down and talk, you need to find out where you stand in this marriage. good luck, I hope the best for you.....



Time for a divorce hun.

well im so sorry but if you dont know where the condom come from then of course he must! get the kids pack up and ready to go, tell him your going unless he tells you the truth and go from there! sorry.

Barry B
Don't be so jealous, men hate jealous women.

alpha & omega
The guy is NOT cheating! Probably the condom was there when he purchased the van. If you insist that he bangs someone else, then consider the money he saves by not registering in a motel. I had a girl who pulled a gun on me saying: either you do it or else. I am glad that I am alive to tell the story. Unfortunately, for too many women, this is attached to the package called: marriage. DO NOT divorced him for that because the next guy may not be any better. Probably, he ( the next guy) has been ditched for the same reason or worse: he forgot to clean the back seat and left a permanent stain.

Psycho Therapist
maybe he wants you to think he cheated, so you'll put up a fight for him. did you actually know it was used? maybe it was unwrapped and unfolded and hosed down and thrown in the back of your van for your own benefit.
cunning devil your hubby is.

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