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Get drunk husband out of house?
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Get drunk husband out of house?

Tonight like pretty much all other nights as I got home from work my husband was totally drunk...when he got in the house he was and is totally abusive. I have two kids not a penny to my name, or the saying three months behind. I have no where to go, even if I tried a shelter my kids refuse to come and I can't leave them here with him.
Why if you call the cops they say unless they see blood that they can not do anything? any answers?
Additional Details
my kids are 14 and 17 and have witnessed it, but again in todays society, they feel if i move to a "trailer" we are then "trash" since everyone has to label.
My oldest can go to a friends, my youngest is disabled (as I am also)
I didn't get myself into this mess....he got this way after as he finds drinking makes his problems (money, work etc) disappear, however they do not.
He has me in debt in mid six figures and my only option is bankruptcy which I wanted to avoid.
Last time I had the cops here, they saw my bloody finger and when I offered to lift my shirt since I had more then fifty hits to my chest and back, they just walked away...yes that night they took him away, however I was afraid to get another order of protection as he would for sure kill us all....
But now I am so at the point, and would love to figure out how to get my valuable out and get out....just will not let my oldest (who knows how to ignore him) stay..and yes seen the abuse sadly.


Take your kids and move to the trailer or apt. or wherever. If the 17 yr. old can leave when he is 18. They will get over it. You MUST GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION! Find a shelter.

good luck and god bless.

Cops have to respond if they receive a call saying there is a domestic abuse situation. However, before getting cops to your house and (possibly) scaring the kids, maybe you can escape to a friend's or family member's home. If you don't have anyone close to you, then perhaps you should consider going to a motel or something while you figure out a better solution. I understand you don't have much cash, but I think you need to gather what you do have and leave. You and your kids cannot stay around someone who is drunk out of his mind and, as you said, "totally abusive". My heart goes out to you. I do hope you find a way to leave with your kids, and go somewhere that it safe.

If there is evidence of physical abuse, the cops will do something about it. Dont go fabricating anything to get your own way, a good look at the DV laws can be found in this source

Call the cops and get a restraining order.

I know how you feel,been there.I was married for 5 years and believe me it was just getting worse. I did leave and believe me it wasn't easy. But it was worth the peace of mind of not having to worry about coming home to him. You never said how old your children are. If they are underage im pretty sure they have to go with you if the house is unsafe with him. Find a women's shelter and start a new life. Your children will thank you one day.And you will all be safe. If they are of age they will come to you,just get yourself out of there. And show them a better way to live. Good Luck

If your kids are old enough to take care of themselves then you don't worry about it but if they are little i don't see how they refuse. Cops normally are a**holes and won't help at all so you might want to get help from a shelter, they help you A LOT, so i've heard. If you really are desperate to get out then do it.

I know things seem hopeless, but there has to be a way out. Call 800.799.SAFE for a local referral. If there aren't marks there's no evidence of assault. Do your kids see him hit you? Even if later they won't testify, it might be enough to get him out of the house so you can get a restraining order.

Those children are minors, and if you tell them you are all leaving, they have to go. Don't forget that you're the mom, and take a leadership position to make your lives better.

You have the skills to get yourself out of this. You've been living in a terrible situation for a long time, but you can get out of it.

What do you expect the "cops" to do to solve your predicament?

You got yourself into it so it's best you try & sort it out for yourself. The "cops" aren't going to just frog march him away & lock him up for ever just because you want them to. They must have evidence.

The kids appear to not side with your version of events so there is probably more to this problem than you are letting on.

If you wont go to a shelter; back to your family; get a divorce; whatever .... then you have to do something yourself.

I l ive drunk husband, I am 71 years old have no money of my own. I am so afraid.I am so sick of his filty talk, being drunk for 8 days straight this time.

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