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Girlfriend pressuring me to move in...?
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Girlfriend pressuring me to move in...?

I decided to re-post this question here, hoping for some more tips. It's Saturday night and well... she's giving me the deep freeze.


I've been with her about 2 years now and the whole living together has been a sore subject but its finally starting to get worse and the fights are getting more intense.

She doesn't understand my point of view that living together is what makes couples become to comfortable with each other and leads to issues and bad habits. Even after 2 years, I still make an effort to please her as if it were our first time going out; flowers, dinner, trips, the works. I strongly believe my motivation is stronger because we don't live together and the time apart keeps our love fresh....

Apparently she doesn't it see it that way and is now subtlety implying that she may break up with me..... WTF!?

I love her so much and I really dont know what to do. either I lose her now by saying no or agree to live together and deal with the slow burn...

Guys, help me out. How can I make her understand
Additional Details
Ok, look I know it may seem off for not wanting us to live together but there are good reasons. She wont have to deal with my friends and I being slobs on gameday or the loud music when I workout and I can avoid her bad moods etc

As for where the relationship is going..umm I thought love was the goal here?

Beside, its not like we dont have access to each other, we both have keys to each others apartments. I spends night at her place and she does at mines.

Everything is good and the fact that we dont have any fights of consequence (aside from this one) tells me that I'm doing the right thing.

I honestly dont know where all the sudden pressure is coming from. I must be missing something or one of her friends must have filled her with some garbage, because it make no sense to want to destroy a relationship over this, especially when you factor all the fun we have.


You are weird. MY BF wanted ME to move in, not the other way around.
Clearly you arent ready for a real adult relationship so you need to tell her that and let her find a real man who will love her.

You can't make her understand. We don't even understand. Relationships have to go somewhere and after 2 years, she's wondering where the hell this is going. What's next dude? The relationship has hit a huge wall and it's not going any further.

Do you plan on NEVER living with her? If that's the case, then you need to tell her that!

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