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How do i get my girlfriend to leave her husband?
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How do i get my girlfriend to leave her husband?


you shouldn't be dating someone who is married. YOU will be the one that gets hurt.if she hasn't left him yet she never will.open your eyes and run. there's a new song out cheater cheater by joey & rory [it's funny & right on at the same time] you need to listen to it reminds me of my sons father who always was and will be a cheater sounds like she is too. good luck i hope you find someone who deserves you. not someone who is already taken!

Stop dating married people. She is just using you to get back at him. He probably isn;t perfect and you are the fall back guy. And if she is cheating with you, she will cheat on you

Awwwww how sweet do you want her to leave her husband so you can marry her and then know what it feels like first hand to be cheated on....I think thats lovely!!!

insane draggin
You let her go her own way without you and if she comes back divorced then you know she will be your for a time. Other than that move on and find someone who isn't married.

waiting for baby
why are you with a married woman,
you can't force her to leave her hus and if you do she will not forgive you

Tell her if she doesn't leave him, you'll leave her.

First, YOU shouldn't be involved with a married woman. Second, why would ANYONE want to be with someone who obviously has little regard for the sanctity of marriage and no self respect? Hell, she needs to leave her husband and be with you - you both deserve each other and HE deserves so much better!

If she doesn't want to leave her husband then it isn't going to happen

Craig c
you don't, you need to get you your own wife and not someone Else. Plus if she cheats on her husband she will cheat on you.

tell her its you or her husband

you do not, you mindles numb idiot

Missy d
If she has a husband she shouldn't be your girl friend!

This question is a joke right....just to see what people will say... ok well it was pretty stupid to ask... because as many single women in the world u choose a married women to play with come on now and grow up already,.

She would but her husband said that he will kill her. I know the guy. And I am the one she is seeing

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