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How do you love your parents when they hate each other?
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How do you love your parents when they hate each other?


Your parents hating each other has nothing to do with how you feel about them. Although I know it's hard when they don't get along, you can't take sides. Remain neutral and never get involved in their disagreements. If they try to get you involved, say I am not saying anything, this is between you two, not me. I love you both, and I am not going to play these games.
If you say this to them it will get them to thinking about how they are acting. Hopefully it will also make them see how foolish their acting. I wish you the best of luck!!

Giggly Giraffe
" Why Isn't My Family Perfect:

Some families really struggle. Every family has its ups and downs, but some families struggle with serious issues like divorce, alcohalism, mental illness, and physical abuse. If you are living in a family that is stuggling with problems like these, you probably want to cry out to God, "Why us?" And you should, because it isn't fair and it isn't the way god intends for us to live. If you are in a family situation like this, what can you do?

* Find support. See a counselor, join a support group, get active in a youth group. Find a place where you can belong in healthy ways.

* Talk to whoever in you family will listen. If it is affecting you, it is also affecting other members of your family. You can work together to find little tings to make your family better.

* Take action. IF someone is being seriously hurt or neglected, don't accept it. Call the police or a social worker <teacher, youth leader, priest>. Sometimes it takes an intervention from the outside for a family to get healthy again.

* Pray. Share your heart with God. Pray for your family, that it can grow healthier. Pray for yourself, that you can find the strength you need."

damn instinct....u can never hate ur parents....cz deep down u know how much u owe them for at least bringin u to this world

They are your parents. YOU love them whether or not THEY despise each other.

Love them anyways no matter how much they fight. They haven't done nothing to you. It's obvious they don't love each other and they need to divorce. That will solve that rpoblem real quick.


what does them hating each other have to do with you loving them. Listen, my parents arent together, but I still love them, and they still love me.. and they arent together because they have difference that they arent able to resolve or have tried to resolve but its not working out.. for example if you had a boyfriend and he had a sister or brother, and then you and your boyfriend split up , because you guys couldnt be with each other, you think his brother or sister should hate you because you guys cant or dont want to be with each other no more.. Think about it. .and whatever your parents are going through, BELIEVE ME ITS NOT UR FAULT, SO DONT BLAME URSELF!!!

their relationship is something has nothing to do with me loving them, my parents love each other, but if they were not.I'd still feel the same for them,because they are the reason I am here in this life.
No matter what, my love will always be the same.

Your relationship with your parents shouldn't have anything to do with their relationship with each other!

Realize that you are not a part of their problem. Their marriage is just that, THEIRs. Yes you are their kid, and therefore should be entitled to some peace, but sometimes the feelings of unacceptance and betrayal are so strong parents want to punish each other by lowering their spouse's "Stock" with the kids.

"Your daddy is a loser..."
"Your mother is a fat, lazy..."

Just take a moment to realize that your parents are having the hardest time of their lives, right now. And forgive them for not being able to cope with it all properly.

Give grace, and it will always find you again.

Don't f*ck with them on the same day!

There's plenty of peace in any home where the family don't make the mistake of trying to get together.

Elizabeth Dreams
Its easy.... they both love you.

They are both still your parents and you love them regardless, the fact that they hate each other is nothing to do with you and isn't your responsibility - its theirs. Carry on loving them both, and don't feel guilty about it, they might hate each other but they both still love you.

Wanna get down not the 1st night
Your feelings towards each other doesn't have to do with you, it has to do with them. Just because they're mad or whatever at each other, that doesn't mean that they don't love you. They do still love you. Give it time, if they both really care about you and care about your well being, they'll start to back off a bit.
Try talking to them both at the same time and let them know how you feel

Their ill will toward each other should NOT effect your love for them.


talk to them each about this and tell them the trouble you are having. Tell them how you feel when they hurt each other. Tell them how the arguing affects you.

I lived it and it hurts a lot.

Good Luck and God Bless!!

i care for both of them, i love my mom most and i hate my dady most,thats it!

these are completely unrelated issues. your love for a person doesn't or shouldn't hinge on their relationships with other people. i know it puts you in the middle, but you have to love them for them, not for how they feel about each other. stay strong and love both of them because you love them, don't change how you feel about either of them because they hate each other.

You love them both even they may not like each other because they both are special to you in their own way, and hopefully their relationship doesn't affect your relationship with each of them.

They don't really hate each other--- they just don't like each other because one can't get the other to change...it really hurts when the person you loved and had kids with messes up and you end up divorced.

It is easy , you have a certain kind of love for each of them . neither is better ,just different.

You have to be neutral and not take sides

Because you know deep down that they love you back. The hardest thing is trying not to put your feelings in the middle of them. My parents are divorced and cannot stand to be near or even talk to each other, and i have had to learn that its not my fault and I am not to be put in the middle. Good Luck!!

You are the offspring of both the parents, it doesn't matter whether they hate each other or love each other. If they show their love to the children forgetting their differences children will also reciprocate.

they are your parents either together or apart. their relationship is nothing to do with you so just love them as they are two individuals.

hmm. goin thru the same thing... i hate their relationship but love them for wht they are

mine hate each other and i listen to them both talk crap bout each other but I never tell the other cause I don't want to hurt them. But to answer the question- think of it like this, how do they keep lovin you even when you piss them off or do something you know your not suspose to?
You just do.

The love you're suppose to have for you're parents are unconditonal. Meaning not conditional( ex divorces, fighting, disagreements). Just like they are suppose to love you unconditonal


Your relationship with your parents has nothing to do with their relationship with each other. During some events maybe you might invite your mother and not your father and vice versa. For the times when they both have to be present make sure you seat them away from each other and let them know ahead of time that you are not putting up with their bickering. If they want to bicker with each other they can do it at a later date. This is a special time for you and you do not want them to ruin it with their childishness.

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