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How long after u get married do u have for u to be able to get an annulment ??
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How long after u get married do u have for u to be able to get an annulment ??

I have a sister-in-law that just got married 3 monhs ago and is now havin problems and knows she wants to get out of the marriage...is she still able to get annulment ?? and btw she lives in VT could laws be different everywhere ?? someone plz help!!!
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and reason for wanting an annulment is because rite now her child is in the hospital because of him hurtin the baby would that be a reason for her to be able to get an annulment ??


She will probably have to get a divorce .. but she needs to check the specific laws of her State.

She can GOOGLE the STATUTES of her State by using her State's name .. Family Law Statutes, etc.

Annulments have nothing to do with state law - they have to do with the law of the Catholic Church. It sounds as if she has a very valid reason for it. It is a lot of paperwork involved required by both sides and if he doesn't cooperate it can take forever.

marcia f
She needs to contact a divorce lawyer there in VT and ask him/her. Or she could call the marriage license office and ask them. Every state is different.

The length of the marriage has little to do with an annulment although some states do have a time limit that you can apply for an annulment. There has to be a reason why a marriage did not exist. The reason you presented has nothing to do with an invalid marriage and she will just have to file for divorce.

In Vermont, the only grounds for annulment is a marriage to someone under 16, someone who has a very low IQ or is severely mentally ill, or consent was obtained by force or fraud. An example of fraud is bigamy and in many states, known infertility not revealed prior to marriage. I don't know how you'd prove force unless you could prove blackmail of some kind.

Momma M
get a divorce. an annulment is for catholic people who pretend they were never married.

♥Carla J♥
oh yeah definitely, i do think it's possible for her to get an annulment, i think it's available for like until 6 mths to a year, but every state may have different laws about it, maybe you should get that checked out hun!

Well, if this is report to the police he will be put away for a while for child abuse.

She can get divorced if she want.

File paper, don't know how to do it yourself then hire a lawyer. Either serve him the paper herself or pay some one to do it for her. After he sign, (If he sign it) Then wait for the supreme court to process it through.

In most states you got one year to get annulment.

I dont know VT laws..sorry i could not help

She must go to a lawyer and divorce the monster. The later she leaves it the worse her chances. She can get an order from the court to the husband to leave the house and pay them maintenance.

Carlette D
yes; all she has 2 do is bring her baby's medical bills 2 court n say that is y she wants a annulment. it shouldn't b a problem.


In some places its a year. So have her call a lawyer and find out.

I think you have 180 days from the day you say i do to realize you should've said Hell No I dont!!!!

Smiley S
well in VA..where I live...you have up to 2 years to get annulment...there are certain criteria you must meet though, and both have to be willing to do it..........just because they don't get along does not meet the criteria.........

Criteria in our state include: marrying under false pretenses, if one of them are already married in another state...or if one says he or she can have children..but know that they cannot bear children........talk with a lawyer and see what your criteria are for your state...

Roy's Wife
No, it's not a reason to get an annulment, she has to prove that he is crazy and that's the reason she did it. All she has to do is go and file a petition with the court suggesting he was mental at the time of the marriage or shortly there after and have them order a psych eval. You can get an annulment at the 24 hour mark. It depends on the state how long after your married that you can get an annulment as far as days, weeks or months go.

Where I'm from, 6 months.

Jake P
Divorce is more like it, if they have a kid together an annulment may not apply. Something about consummating the relationship, and making a baby fits in there.

us marriage laws.com may answer your question for you good luck and best wishes

chronically Rejected
anytime. just file it.

You can file for an annulment at any time in a marriage. Your sister-in-law would need to talk her parish priest to get the process started. abuse of spouse or child is grounds for the Catholic Church ro grant an annulment.

a year...

Jackie M
It varies by state. She should be looking into it. If she can't get an annulment, maybe she can still get a hitman.

Under VT law you are not eligble for an anulment.
There is no time limit on an anulment of a marriage based on fraud.
I was "married" for 14 years and got an annulment from my "ex" based on fraud.......she forgot to tell me when we "married" that she was already married to someone else.
This was in NC, done at the local courthouse, cost me $1200 and it was all legit.
I'm sure that there will be at least one that says I'm a liar, but I can provide a case number and its public record.

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