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How many girls who lost virginity before marriage get married?
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How many girls who lost virginity before marriage get married?

talking abt getting married to another guy if the guy with whom she lost her virginity cheated her?



The Mrs.
Just ask this how many girls have children before they get married a WHOLE LOT the world is getting out of control no the people in the world

♥The Mrs.♥

I don't have any statistics, but my guess is most of them.

Pramod J
all the girl who loses virginty prior to marriage gets married unless they decide not to marry as its not important whether they are virgin or not whats impoirtant is whether they love each other or not as many times they can lose virginity just by immaturity in seeking pleasure. I think we human being need to look at the person beyond the physical level. why you think and talk about girls virginity what about boys are they not eqaually part of it

Truth ?
Marry, most of them .

not counted

I don't know the exact statistics but almost all get married b coz it is not known by any means until they tell it to someone. This I know from reliable reports published in newspapers frequently though I' ve no knowledge of any individual.

All of them marry.


In the U.S., one's amateur standing is not enough to disqualify one from marriage.

EDIT: Translation to bare-bones English: Loss of virginity before marriage by man or woman is not a crisis, here. In fact, it's rather expected.

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