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How many times a normal couple make love a week?
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How many times a normal couple make love a week?


Kilted One
Depends if they are married or not, 3-4 if they are not, 1-2 if they are and nil if they have children.

As much as they want!

there are no "normal" couples
whatever is comfortable for the both of you

0,zilch diddly squat here!!!

At the beginning of the relationship 7days a week.
In the middle 5 days a week
when ya got kids 3 times a month if ya lucky.

peter o
who counting.

Dating and she wants to keep your interest...anywhere from 3 to 21 times a week.

After you're married...anywhere from -10 to .07 times a week.

You asked....

Been married 16 years down to once a week

Calif C
We make love 7 nights a week, at least twice a night. I don't know if that is normal or not. But I am getting old. I ain't as good as I use to be.

Dreamer 02
well i am a 21 times a week person but i dont know about u it all depends on the couple hope it helps

Forlorn Hope
as many as they want... :D

silver star
all your answers don't sound realistic!
once a week if both have busy schedules and kids, and what about those couples that travel for business, I wouldn't call them abnormal
This month I am keeping a calendar and so far we did it 7 times and it's already the 18th, and I had to work hard finding the time!

remember: Quality over quantity!

p.s. now that u asked I really want it.


martin n
Taking myself as normal.

0.00005 times a week

Come on. I can't be the only one not getting any!


1 time at LEAST

bout 4 5 times a week

Monique M
I would like more then two , but that is about all the time we can get together because of work schedules

At least 5 or 6

If your married ... about -26 times
If married...about 26 times



Every other night I suppose

One time every day.

i think it depends but i think 3 or 4 is a good number. you just have to make sure its special all the time otherwise you may get fed up with each other.

Married for 4 years this July and still goin at it 4 - 5 times per week.

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