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How much money should a man give his wife for allowance?
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How much money should a man give his wife for allowance?


lol u are funny....

Allowance?Wow that's a good one I haven't heard that since I was in school.(smile)If the wife is trying to hold the household down he needs to give her all of his money and she gives him the Alowance (ha-ha)

precious pat
Do men really give their wives allowance? Ummm, I have never heard of such a thing....

lol allowence your not her dad let her help make financial decisions then shell understand how much can be spent

A wife is not a child and does not need an "allowance."

A married couple's money is each other's, there is no "allowance" bull. You'd be suprised how many women are better at balancing the accounts than men, my mom is an example. Allowance is for kids, and if a man is treating his wife like a kid, she needs to get the hell out of there.

Please tell me that you didnt ask that. How bout putting the money in an account so she can access to it as she needs it. There's nothing worse to a woman than to be treated like a child by her husband.

The whole damn check! That is what my hubby does, do you know what I do with it? Pay bills, buy groceries, house hold items, get my nails done, Oh yes I do! (some times I even get my hair done oh my) What happens to the rest? I give him money as he needs it, see he is a real man he trusts me and lets me handle the finances, he usually only carries about 20 bucks on him at any given time, so when he needs money I give it to him, if I tell him to take it from my purse he will hand me my purse, he never ever digs in there, and guess what I am handicapped due to an accident I don't work and he brings home the Bacon and gives it to me! That is called a good ole fashioned honest trusting marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over your self and give her the bucks or she may just give you the boot!

How much does she want? I think that should play into it.

Give her your check when you get it and let her do the bills and the shopping. This sounds like a bad episode of the Dr. Phil show. I'm glad I have my own job and money. This question is just wrong.

Chica Creole
As much as she needs....

If she's running your household she knows what she needs and so should you...

Maggie Mae
Allowance? O.k. - it depends on what she needs to spend her "allowance" on. Is she buying groceries for the household? Is this money for clothing for herself and your children? You need to factor in what she is responsible to pay with it, and make a decision that will work for both of you. The term "allowance" kind of bothers me.....

Sally B
Sorry buddy, but in a marriage every thing you have is hers and everything she has is yours. There is no allowance. You both share the money responsibly. Both your names are on all accounts. She should be free to do the shopping and buy necessary items to run the household. You should be free to spend on home maintenance and lawn care as you see fit. Big decisions should be shared equally. This isn't brain surgery hear. Not hard to understand. You married her because you love, honor, respect and trust her.

If she is a stay-at-home mom, my best opinion is you couldn't afford her "allowance" Read the following:

A full-time stay-at-home mother would earn $134,121 a year if paid for all her work, an amount similar to a top U.S. ad executive, a marketing director or a judge, according to a study released Wednesday.

A mother who works outside the home would earn an extra $85,876 annually on top of her actual wages for the work she does at home, according to the study by Waltham, Massachusetts-based compensation experts Salary.com.

tim b
At least 650.00 per week.

New beginnings
Allowance? Are women still rolling like that?

after divorce, she gets the larger "half".

Well, i can give you a good idea of what my fiance and I do. Every week when he gets his check we put so much aside for bills, gas, food, etc. then whatever we have left we split in half. But we usually bank our money to save up to do something really nice. I mean it all depends on your income too. I hope this helped you out. Good luck! :)

Lu Lu ♥
All of it!!!

Anne E. W
LOL LOL my hubby just gives me his pay check

ashley l
the women should have all the money

Msdeb gee

What kind of retarded 1950's line of thought is that? She can go get a job, or if not take what you feel like giving her. I thought women had equal rights? doesn't that mean if you don't work you get whatever people feel like giving you? My wife wouldn't give me an allowance if I didn't bring in my own money. And I wouldn't give her one either, we have too much respect for one another.

are you for real.. allowance ? don't she work.. is her name not on the check book..look if you are one of those men who believe the wife should not work and should not be on the check book and you Should be handling all the bills..well .. do you love her.. if you do think about this if you do it all then how will she be able to cope if you were to die before her..my bf knows nothing of fiances.. i am trying to teach him .. and he don't know about a check book either again i am teaching him.. i know hard to believe that this day and age someone 30 knows nothing about such stuff.. but if i die before him i want to know he is taken care of and that he can look after himself..if she does not have a job she needs one even only part time .. unless you are so wealthy that money don't matter .. in that case let her help with the family business that way when or if something happens to you she is not out in the dark and your children do not go hungry .. marriage is 50 /50...please don't tell me i am giving a bf who has lived with me for 6 months more consideration than some who has married you..i know me and him will never marry because of how he fells and i am good with it.. i have been there and done that..but if you have been together for years and she dont know how to handle the finaces you will need to over look everything she does.. i would hate to see you have to file bankrupty like my brother law did because his new wife knew nothing about budgetting..

Special K
None, they should be equal partners and if an allowance has to be given it should be 50/50.

for starters shes not a child so she doesn't get an allownace..I think if you gave her 90% of your wage then thats fair enough!

Rio Madeira
What do you mean, allowance? Did you marry your preteen daughter or something? Let her earn her own damn money.

however much that she deserves

A wife shouldn't have an allowance that sounds childish. Ask your wife how much money does she really need for personal and things around the house and tip her with something extra maybe she'll have special outfits for you when you get home.

your not her father!!!tell her to get a JOB!!!

if you are not allowing her to get a JOB, then she should keep up with the finances.

No mixedup, that's not normal. I'm in ca-oops with my hubby because he won't give me half the money once he came back to live with me from him cheating on me. He claims I'm going to get the same amount of money b4 he left. I found out he makes more than he's telling me and I asked him to reconsider paying the full rent instead of me paying half. I didn't feel comfortable him claiming it's an allowance and he could not give me anything and pay everything himself. If he did that, he would be more in control of our money and blow it all cause he don't know how to spend it properly. You should try to get your husband to open a joint account and that you need access to the money if you need it or something happens to him. This way you can have more spending privileges.

hmmm im offered an allowance as well.........im a 50 yr old remarried 3 yrs women and now only just put off work , i was working b4 i met my husband , he was a divorced man at the time and his children dont talk to him and he owns a mechanical workshop, since i was put off work i have no income only what my husband earns and he pays all the bills from his workplace and we do not have any joint accounts which wipes out a card for me to use to access any money and he wants to put $100 in my account at the end of the week and he will pay the bills but i find he doesnt ask if i need any money for food etc and i really hate to ask for it so i dont , i do cook and house clean and i also did that as well when i was working ,i do have my own bills that i have to pay as well so i use that $100. until i do find another job , he says he doesnt have money and that we have to budget now that im not working,which i understand, but if he wants to buy something he does like $ 500 tickets to see a concert then tells me we are going to a concert ,what i wanted to know is , does this sound normal cause it sure as hell dont feel like it is, it seems that he wants all the benefits of a marriage as long as i keep myself .

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