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How should I punish my disobedient wife ?
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How should I punish my disobedient wife ?

My wife and I recently came to an arrangement whereby she would not watch daytime TV and we would watch an hour of quality TV in the evening together. However, I arrive home after a hard days work this evening, check the TV's for heat and it was apparent two of them had been on. Should I confiscate the TV sets entirely or cut her allowance?
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Daytime TV makes women indolent and shiftless...FACT


Blow up dolls cannot turn on the TV. Punish the guy who is turning it on for her.

Love Me Or Hate Me...I Dont Care
Go To The MIddle East Where You Belong, And Try To Boss People Around...Your Just A Coward And A Punk


Why can't she watch tv? You sound more like her dad then her husband. Watching tv does not hurt your relationship. You sound like a control freak.

Melissa G
wow you sound like a great husband, when your wife leaves you can i be next to marry you?

Send her out to work, it's the only way. She obviously has too much time on her hands....

LMAO. Maybe you should install video cameras or a web cam type thing so you can watch hr all day even when you're at work! You could also set "Parental" control preferences through most major cable companies but, I'm not sure they "Spousal" control, still LMAO.
I think the surveillance is still the best option, that way you can watch her leave your a$$!

Perhaps she is secretly disobeying you so that you can punish her in some creative way? Cut back on your hours at work so you can spend more time with her and she won't watch so much tv out of boredom and loneliness.

you should put her over your knee and give her a damn good spanking!

hahahahahaha. You are kidding, aren't you?

I think you should really show her and leave her altogether!

No, honestly, it is she who should be leaving you. Why some women put up with fools like you is totally beyond my comprehension.

stacy a
If she wants to watch tv during the day, she can. She doesn't need your permission to do so. What gave you the right to be her prison warden. You should be happy that she is watching tv instead of going out and cheating on you.

Maggie Awesome
Is she your child? No, she's an adult. Let her do what she wants.



That's disgusting.

I really hope this is a joke question.

Wow, somebody has some sort of God complex here.

Sort yourself out first mate :)

my, she IS out of line

be sure to chain the refrigerator should she start overeating


Are you her husband or master ?

In February 2009 there won't be anymore analog signals. Switch to digital TV. They're cooler (pun intended).

OMG! are you for real? You have serous issues.

you should find her a full time job.

Since I'm assuming you have a DD relationship (not judging you) I guess you should like spank her or something...

Isn't that what ya'll do?

Andrea M
You have a f***** up relationship, I think you need to go to couseling, for real. Wow, get over it.

Are you serious? If you are, you need to quit treating her like a child. She's your wife- your equal!

Alex J
pull out the ariel or cable box - set a pin - - girls and machinary dont yousually mix so their should be no problem

you seriously need to get a life. What right have you to dictate what your wife watches or how much. Different if its when you're there and you are spending time together but to tell her what she cant do when your not even there...get out of the dark ages

if this is a joke

get a better one

no one likes you

Jackie F
why does her watching t v matter? and sorry but no one should ask how to "punish" their spouse....

Next time you leave the house you should lock her up in handcuffs and shackles (she might even like it) and lock her in the bathroom.

Baby Boom
You should buy On Demand cable box from Comcast, with the recordable feature.

You can block the shows you don't want her to watch and put a restriction and password on them.

Then, you can record the wholesome shows you would like her to watch and have her watch them during the day.


You could not care so much what she does on her free time if she takes care of you when you need it.

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