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How to make someone's life miserable?
Find answers to your legal question.

How to make someone's life miserable?

That person ruined my life. How to make her life miserable??? legally.



Karma is a Bit** - leave it at that

Yo Vonne
revenge wont make you feel much better, its only a temporary solution the best thing you can do is to move on with your life.

Kings Child
Be sooooooooooooo sickly sweet to her that she wonders what in the world is up with you!!!!!!!
The Bible calls this extra kindness like heaping coals upon their head. I think its in Proverbs.

You don't.

You need to move on with your life and know that what problems this woman has, she'll have to answer to, one day.

It's her garbage, not yours. Don't stoop down to her level of misery. Let her wallow in her own misery, and be the stronger person in all of this and just let it go. That will show her that you have the strength to do this, and not let her get to you.

Don't let your 'anger' become an 'action word'. That won't resolve any problems. It only creates new ones.

~~~NEVER FORGET 11,SEPT. 2001~~~
she ruined your life... because you allowed her to.

Colleen O
What your asking is how to be immaturely childish. Besides the only way someone can "ruin" your life is if you ALLOW them to have that much power with your life.

take up a very physical sport and vent anger through that and then study meditation for inner peace. Revenge never works it just begets more anger and revenge. Although it's tempting isn't it?

Get their email address and sign them up on junk mail and nasty sites.. they will be hating life everyday going through thoes emails.

why cant people just let it go? the other one left get over it and move on. revenge or violence don't solve a damn thing. in a few months you wont think she ruined your life, you will find a better woman that will treat you good. their are a million other women on this planet to choose from.move on!!!!

Marry her.

Don't do it! You will be as bad as her if you stoop to that level.

Just count on this, what you do comes back to you, it's called Karma. She will get what she deserves eventually.

Living well is the best payback.

Spreading hate never does any good.

If I were you, I would rethink your actions, and just move on. It shows you are the stronger person if you can just move on from what she did to you and act like you're okay.

Try to forgive her, and you will be happier.

don't have no clue

Heather B
The best thing that you can do is do all that is in your power to suceed beyond her. Go out there and find your true sole mate and be happy. If she is a truly horrible person she will always be unhappy and so will you if you allow her to hold you back.

Vengeance just makes you miserable. Let it go. I do know this answer. I have been there done that so many times but I found to walk away is the best way. Give that person to God and every time you think of her, remember you gave her to God. You just will miss out on life if your attitude does not change.

That is the wrong way to go Thur life I was screwed over by a woman, I took the high road you should people like the one that screwed you over will meet there fate someday, What goes around comes around.

If all you are thinking is how to make "someone's life miserable you must have done something pretty nasty too. No one ruins someone's life. You might be too selfish and cant see other than darkness, cant see other than that specially when you want to use the law to bring misery to another human being.

I know someone who is as vengeful as you sound here. Its only getting him in trouble I might add. The more you want to damage a person the more it will consume you, the more harbored anger, the more evil spirits will come to haunt you and you will never have peace. YOu want to make someone miserable?
you probably already have and karma is hitting you back.

IS THIS YOU C??? Im wondering now. Is it your ex wife? or ex friend? or ex partners?

Some things in life do not go your way when you are misaligned with God. THINKT IT OVER BEFORE YOU SEE YOURSELF IN JAIL.
I dont want to give more advice toyou because you seem to have a very strange approach to life's heartaches.



Common Sense
Hate & Revenge are costly & comsuming emotions..
The best revenge is your own recovery, success & happiness...

Be happier than they are, and never look back to see if they noticed!

I don't think you should focus on making her life miserable, rather on making your life better because you sound very upset too :(.

So my advice is move on, better your life and make it the way you want it to be, and strive for happiness because even though this sounds like idealistic optimistic crap, everybody needs something to hold on to and hope for happier days.

PS everybody gets their portion of good and bad days, whether we try to make them bad or not

At this point you are seeing red 'cause somebody has had an upper hand on you. But just tell yourself that today is not your day. Everything in life does not happen the way you want it to happen.
By breeding hate in your heart you are belittling yourself. Forgive the girl and let her know that. She will feel horrible to know that you have forgiven her after what she put you through. That will be the just punishment for her without you doing anything stupid. Don't get yourself into trouble by doing something that you will repent later in life.
Always remember what goes around comes around. Enjoy your life. This is the only one thing that comes free.

Vendetta is not a nice thing, no matter how much you've been hurt. Silence is a real KILLER!!!

No one can ruin your life unless you allow them to. Forget the revenge and move on and find happiness that is healthier and maybe revenge in a way..if you still feel that way.

WOW! Seriously, get over it. Why waste all your precious time on getting revenge? It's not worth it. Try forgiveness instead.

How did somebody ruin your life?

Jennifer M
Some examples of what she did to you would help determine what she deserves.

you wanna know sumthing? I have had that happen to me on MORE than one occasion. it's simple. DO NOT COMMIT AN OFFENSE.that is rule number 1.keep yr azz outta jail is KEY to your situation here.Now I realize this someone cause u GREAT GREAT pain and the fall out u r feeling is really MajoR now. stop and BREATHE plz...bring your blood pressure down 40 notches, and then i want you to say to your self over and over again..SHE IS NOT WORTH IT...repeat until it makes u tired out. drink lots of water(NOT alcohol!!) and repeat after me. I will not damage her or any property. once you have yourself down to a certain level of internal calmness, i want you to treat yourself to a MAJOR treat...how about that new electronic device you never got at christmas>>HUH??? go for it.. please yourself...get over the person, and don't look back...that is VITAL...don't look back, don't make comments to IT and do not allow people to drag you back to that unpleasant place or speak of her ever again.How am i doing so far? can i stop now? ok well, take my word for it...IT is defo not worth the pain and the anguish so MOVE ahead and No looking back PROMISE??? ok u r good to go now.i wish u well on your journey outta hell..........katie

revege is not the answer if you feel that she ruin your life.
then what ever you do will not make you happy at all. the best
thing is to move on with your life, make things better for you
and if she see you then she will see a happy person that
ha moved with her that the best thing. no one like someone'
that happy when they want you to be angry and upset all the
time. that the best thing dont play her at her game. you are
better then that. trust me she will see that she lost . not

Julie B
You do nothing, walk away and then you live a great life.

That's the best revenge for most things.

Being vindictive will really only hurt YOU in the end.
Believe me, I'm old and I've been there!
I'm giving you the secret answer that you will realize is the best later in life. I swear!

Just want you to be happy in your life too!

Why waste your time? move on. If you really feel you must, nothing says "in your face" better than success. Personally, I think it would be better if you just moved on. Remember, you can't sling s**t without getting some on yourself.

Trish J
Let them meet my ex husband, their life would be miserable then.

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