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How to teach the other woman a lesson she'll never forget?
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How to teach the other woman a lesson she'll never forget?

Recently I found out that my husband was spending lots of time with some other woman. I caught him red-handed, got him to admit it, he promised it would stop and things got better. However that ***** won't give up - she is still creating excuses to meet him (for work) and inviting him to go out clubbing with her. I'm pretty sure that on his part, he keeps it strictly business now, and doesnt meet her the way he used to. I am getting ready to blow, and want to confront her, but the problem is that she is close to some of his business/important social contacts, and I can't risk her giving him a bad rep as a result. I just wanna GIVE IT TO HER!!! How best? Suggestions?
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers. He didnt have a chance to go too far with her - I caught them quick. And he doesnt meet her either - he's spending all his free time with me. He's trying - so I am trying too. She's the trouble maker here.


The next time your husband is invited for one of these "get togethers have him tell you and you show up coincidentally of course. If your husband has nothing to hide then he would be willing to do that. I would still be weary of your husband since he is still continuing to see her anyways. And of course IF they have crossed the line I'd punch em both in the nose.

Have hubby call her if getting together is out... make it known to her that there is nothing there (have him say it) see what she says. Then you'll know either way especially if he doesn't want to do that.

The Wižard
Get him to call her in front of you and make him tell her to leave him alone. He created this mess, now he should clean it up. Even if he has to change jobs because of it, it should be more important than ruining his marraige.
This shouldn't be something you have to fix. Goodluck.

Joe C
I honestly don't feel it's your responsiblity to do this, but rather deal with your husband who let you down.

When a matador fails himself and everyone, it really doesn't pay to seek revenge upon the bull.

You are looking at the world upside down! It's your husband you should be looking to teach a lesson!!

It's up to your husband to tell her to knock it off, NOT you. She probably won't believe it unless it comes directly from him.

Are you really going to sink to her level? Forget getting back at her, show him you are better then that.

I doubt he was as honest with him telling her to stop pursuing him. If he was firm, she wouldn't be doing that, unless she's some psycho. So, he's not allowed to have women friends? Or, was he just partying too much with her? And, GIVING IT TO HER would make you look like a psycho too. Now, you can confront her and tell her how it makes you feel, but you will have more impact and people tend to listen more if you are calm but firm about it.

You can't do anything. Your husband needs to so it, even if it means him getting a different job.

It is your husband that you need to worry about ,not the other woman.Don't be so sure that he is walking the straight and narrow.He may be giving her reasons to not give up.Even if he has stopped with this woman there is nothing you can do to get back at her for not giving up.It will only make you sink to her level.The best way you can get her back is to concentrate on the marriage and you and hubby work things out and live happily ever after.

Your anger is totally misplaced here. Your ONLY beef should be with your husband, not the other woman. No matter how much of a siren she was, if he wasn't tempted and didn't think much of his vows, he wouldn't have put himself in compromising situations.
Work on your marriage, not on getting at her.

You are ready to blow on the wrong person!! IT doesn't matter what she does now... It's what your husband does. It doesnt matter how many times she invites him, or who she is close to, HE has to stop. Come on... inviting someone to go clubbing and he goes for WORK,, If he is still seeing her for WHATEVER the reason its cause he wants to... If he refused all her invites she would come to the conclusion that its over. She did not start this on her own, he was as much as part of it as she. The problem is you are looking for someone to blame and its easier for you to blame her than him i understand that... You are a cheated on wife and believe me it will take a very long time for you to get over this and trust again...if you ever do. im sorry you have to be real about it. If he really wanted her out of his life he would find a way, doesn't matter what she does or says.

Again, I'm sorry but you can't teach ''women like her a lesson'' because there is always gonna be men like him. You should only deal with him after all he is the one who vowed to love you forever and who broke that promise. If he hadnt been her it would have been somone else. If you confront her it will give her more attention. He just needs to stop. What happens now should be based on his actions no one elses.

Hi, even though you are justified in the feelings you are experiencing, SPLODGE has it spot on--it should be your husband you should be targetting!

He chose to give in to the lady. She, like many women her type, had the opportunity and took it.

Your husband could have said "no".

And on attacking the lady, and teaching her a lesson, DON't!

Karma has a nasty way of paying you a cold dish. What will you achieve, but satisfaction? And for how long?

Think abt it. Be wise. Keep safe--and TALK to your husband if you love him.

You should be more concerned about the bad rep your husband has made for himself when it comes to forsaking all others. Teach him a lesson he'll never forget and start by letting him know you don't compete with other women and they can have him.

Too bad you didn't know what clubs she goes to... Ive seen some pretty nasty chick fights a few times at those clubs....

why you are fuming on the inside.. your husband gloating on the outside.. why doesn't he stop it.... cause he likes the attention it is creating.. tell him to stop it or even get a court order..................then see his responce...............

Keep your cool and call her and say that you have a family and she is trying to split your family up and she needs to stop before you inform all her colleagues what she is up too......believe me no one likes a home wrecker........she will not come out ahead....stay cool .... I would try to set up a meeting with her and look her in the eye......

my prayers. As you do all that you should, do pray also, and God will help you, so the best happens.

Take care, my good wishes, God bless.

I think that she is already getting the lesson....you won.

Move on with your life, leave him and be happy. Karma will work itself out. By being the bigger person, youll gain more respect, especially self-respect. By blowing up on them and carrying on you'll only make a fool of yourself and you will look back and regret it one day.

The best revenge is to find someone better and laugh it off... take it as a learning experience and let the ***** keep the cheater... you keep your dignity minus the stds

Debra d
i agree with "splodge". work on your husband. once this other woman realizes that she can't have your husband, that'll piss her off the most.
on the other hand, if your husband keeps up with her, boot his a'' out.

First off, this is your husbands problem. He caused this, he needs to fix it. I understand that she is interested in him, but he let her in.

Tell him her needs to set the boundaries once and for all. He needs to stop playing games. If he really set her straight, I believe that she would back off.

If it is her, have him change his number. This is harassment. Work or not, I would contact the police.

Why are you so concerned about his business/important social contacts? Sounds to me as if these were so important he would not have run around with her in front of them!

BlueLadyBlue R
Are you that sure he keeps it strictly business now? Hummm maybe maybe not sorry to say. It depends on how long the affair went on you know. He is being a coward by blaming it on her and saying she is still after me blah blah blah. Never mind giving it to her, how do you know what role he played in the game? How long did it last? Is he sleeping with her? Sorry but as long as she works there you have problems sorry to say. You need to deal with him not her. She is not some wicked witch, she has been given encouragement and maybe stupidly she fell in love with him. Meet your husband at the office for a nice surprise. Let your face be more known. I really wouldnt attack her. Its him that made the vow to you. And why does he continue to tell you that she is inviting him to do this or that? He is indeed gloating and loving it.

Already done that
See a lawyer it is harassment toward you and your husband I know it may not be what you want but she could turn out to be physico for all you guys know.

meet her, tell her upront she best be stepping off ur husband, then move on, dont spend the rest of ur life obssesing, its a good thig that u trust ur husband, and if hes over it, then nothing will happen between them again. u mite want some marriage counseling to find out y he did it though. good luck

Aunt Doobie
If you think your husband is meeting this woman and not cheating with her you are stupid. If you want to teach her a lesson then give her the cheating SOB.

Girl i am so sorry that u r going through this this happen to me in april of 2006 girl if they work together they are prbably still messing with each other keep your eyes open stay alert dont let your husband know u still think about it make him think u r over it.... send the lady some flowers from a secret admire this way he will see and think she has someone else this will amke him wonder.....people that messes around don't stop when caught they just get better at not getting caught trust me..../..

Can you be civil to her if you confront her and her you? Let her know the deal that's your man. why does she have to keep at him when she knows he is married. make sure he isn't giving her any ideas too b4 you confront her if that's what you decide to do b/c then that will really p*** you off. if he isn't she should be professional enough not to stir trouble for him @ work. shoot tell her to find her own man stop trying to shop at work cause it's never good to mix business with pleasure. you know what it is she is going to clubs and that's not a good place to meet men. She sounds young if she is going to clubs still.....so she may be immature evaluate the situation b4 making any moves.

Perhaps the best revenge is to act like a grown up, and realize that when you set out to destroy someone else, more often than not, you end up destroying yourself. Save your dignity and don't take the low road.

All I know is that until my husband called the OW and told her he wanting absolutely nothing to do with her; if she called or emailed or texted him, he would not answer - she wouldn't stop. I don't know how great a job your husband has, but he should be looking for another job where he has no contact with her. If he values your marriage, then he must take action and distance himself forever from her; for your sake and his.

You seem to be blaming this woman, but it is he who is married and who allowed this to start, so he must be the man and step up to the plate and do whatever is necessary to ease your doubts and to stop this constant harassing from her. Jobs are much easier to replace than the woman you are married to and say you love and adore. Are you and he willing to have her hold her connections over his head forever? Don't think so. But, it is not up to you to do anything; it is his responsibility to stop her. I know, I tried talking to the OW and all she did was try to get him back even harder. I would have been wiser to have said nothing. These women don't care about us and they want there to be conflict so they can have him to themselves. Get that husband to find a new job; yes he can do so if you mean that much to him, and he absolutely must tell her NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN, IT IS OVER. Then you MAY be able to forgive and go forward; only time will tell on that one.

even me,i also don't know how to teach her.
ask people punch her,slap her or beat her?

i just can say, you follow your husband if you have right to follow him.
you only can teach her lesson with agitate her without make their bussiness get interupt.

tell your husband that keep the handset on every second and at his side,you have right to give him a call after peak hours(working hours) even if they still have excuse that discuss business at anywhere.

if really cannot, discuss with your husband manager because that lady should not and don't have right to do that.

family more important than other material thing.

remember that you have right.

Dynamic H
The coldest idea I ever heard of in a situation like this...
Sit back and wait until she finds someone and gets married and lure her husband away and have an affair with him...

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