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I'm married to two different women will get in trouble if one is from another country?
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I'm married to two different women will get in trouble if one is from another country?


α ρ ρ ℓ є Ѽ
Probably.. and you will be in even more trouble if one of the grilz find out.. dang! your in trouble! sorry... try getting your-self out of this..

You aren't too bright are you?

You are already in trouble BY marrying one...

I can't even imagine being married to two.........

MAY THE LORD BE WITH YOU........................................

Garnet Glitter
If the authorities in either country or either wife finds out.....can you spell BUSTED!?????

Andrew G
It might be okay for a sailor to have a girlfriend in every port, but when it comes to matrimony that is a different story. With marriage one should be monogamous.

Lady Freyja
Yes. Do the world a favor and get snipped ASAP. Stupid people should not breed.

Yes. You WILL get in trouble.

Monica B
You already found trouble you married 2 women. Just wait for the sh** to hit the fan when one finds out about the other. Not smart pal. Find out from a legal institution if it is against the law I dont think anyone in this forum will be able to tell you.

I dont know.. let me know once you find out.

what the fricken **** is wrong with you??!!!???

r u crazy??? u shouldnt be married to two people!!!
havent anyone told u that??
what if ur wife did that to u????n u didnt knw that???
anyways of course ur in trouble........think!!!

It is against the law, you dumbass! Also, do you know the Chinese symbol for war? Two women under the same tent.


While this may be acceptable in some countries, in the United States and in most western countries being married to two different women will get YOU into trouble. If you got married to your first wife in the USA, she is the only wife that will count legally with regards to insurance, housing etc., the second one is basically an illegal alien.

You're a PIG!

let them meet each other, then you'll find out. ;)

your screwed already.
lol how do i get a thumbs down for this one?

Ok, i need clarification. Did you leave one country where you were married to woman A but you split with woman A and did not divorce her yet and then came to country B met woman B and married woman B?

If that is the case, the fact that you didnt get a divorce to woman A can nullify your marriage to woman B (in america).

Now in the case that you simply travel back and forth and have two different wives that do not know about each other, you most likely can get in trouble but the possiblity of it is so slim. Goverment do not cross check marriages in other countries.

Gaspode the wonder dog
You can get into trouble in both countries if bigamy is illegal in both, as I suspect it is. However, as a crime, although frowned on, does not carry a very heavy penalty and depending on motive can be dismissed with a fine and a non-custodial sentence. Having said this, the penalty will differ from country to country.
Having two mothers-in-law is just considered punishment enough I guess.

Sade H
If your in the United States, then your'e in big trouble! Thats not allowed in this country!

omg... yeah you will..WITH YOUR WIFE!!

woah.. your a player. probly not get in trouble but i wouldnt go telling evry1 cause u might

Johnny O
I think you are OK if they are from different hemispheres or on opposite sides of the equator from each other.

Annia ♥
How did you get married TWICE?!?!?!

Happy Holly Days
Yes, if the government finds out. The law is that you can have one wife, and marriages from other countries count.

you're already in trouble. and its wrong what your're doing to them

Number Ten
uhmm you're already in trouble

TheUnknown Cheerleader
most likely... YA

i just wanted to respond to a comment made about mormons practicing polygamy. THEY DON'T. just saying. oh and you're screwed.

Gregory D
Good for you if that's your thing, but my god, ONE wife is too much for me.

Stop reading what the little kids are saying, you are fine, nothing will happen, worse case, the second marriage will get nullified . not even a fine!! i was married for a long time with one from Russia and one from here in los angeles ca. as it happens USA does not recognized the marriage in Russia unless you go to court and have it recognized, and same thing applies in Russia, the marriage in the USA is not recognized there, ....but i do agree with one of the little kiddies, your punishment is having two mother in laws, plus your pocket get low really quick supporting two women... but you only live once, so go for it!!!. in the end i got divorced from the one in Russia, but i am not looking to get another one from there, ...i guess to each its own.

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