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I am married and want to be a stripper. Is it a bad idea?
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I am married and want to be a stripper. Is it a bad idea?

I am married and want to be a stripper. I am hot and in great shape(not to be conseded). I know I could make alot of money for my husband and I. I have talked about it alot with him and he is fine with it. I am very faithful and have no desire for anyone else I just want to make us alot of cash.. I just wanted to get some outside opinions, what do you think, will this work out?


bad girl
If you are married to a very secure man it might work. Try not to get involved with the rest of the b.s that tends to go along with it (i.e; drugs) but as long as your man is as secure as he seems to be you should be ok

Dems own the House and Senate!
We can always use more trash in this world. Go for it.

Please don't. Yes, you are a faithful wife, but having all those guys lear at you, and possibly make lewd remarks about you, and your body---yuck! The money might be good-but the people who go to those places-are usually decent guys, married, single, etc. But, there are also stalkers, rapits, etc. Not the best environment for a lady. It truly would not be good for your marriage either. If you want to be a stripper-do it for your husband in front of him-and no one else.

Colleen O
Whether your husband is fine with it NOW or not it's not a good idea. Stripping isn't as galmours as the media makes it out to be. You have men pawing you all the time, grabbing every part of your body, making lewd remarks to you and totally disrespecting you...How is your husband going to feel knowing other men are grabbing you, fondling you? Yeah he's okay with the money but what about the rest of it? You say that YOU have no desire for anyone else...that doesn't mean that anyone else isn't going to have a desire for you and strippers tend to be among the highest numbers when it comes to rape victims...especially when they brush off the wrong man's advances. Strippers don't get to pick and choose the clientel of the establishments they strip in and most strip clubs don't care as long as the money is coming in. Think of this...there will be guys grabbing your *** and making remarks about your body who are your father's age or older? Now think, would you WANT your grandfather grabbing your butt and saying how much he would like to "pack some fudge?" Because THAT is what strippers hear on a regular basis...from guys old enough to be their grandfater's. Is your husband going to be okay with that?


insane illusions
if your husband doesn't care then why the heck not. you can make some really good money that way and get a jump start on some things go for it and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it :)

Yes it is a bad idea. Your husband should be ashamed of himself for allowing other men to drool over what you are allowing them to lust over. No it will never work. He would get insecure. Find another job. You can't tell me this is all that you can do to make money. College would be a better idea!!! Both of you guys should be ashamed. Why be married just to have someone else rub on you? Or you don't do lap dances. Have some self dignity....

Sounds to me like you both already know what you're going to do, so why ask outsiders?
I'm willing to bet money however that you two won't be married for the long haul.....I wouldn't even give it 3 years after you start dancing.....
May sound harsh but you can mark my words.

Common Sense
Terrible idea..
It will destroy your marriage...
It will destroy your femininity...

Man, h ell naw! I might agree at first like it's all good, but to have people come up to me talking about getting a lapdance from my old lady last night would send me over the edge. That's just me though.

David L
Bad idea.....unless your goal is ruined marriage. What's more important to you...money or healthy relationship?

If your husband is fine with it, i think it should be fine. But if he ever starts to get jealous then i would stop. I personally would not do this because i feel that my body is ONLY for my boyfriend. And i know he feels the same way. But if you are both fine with it, go ahead, just watch for any problems in the future.

No, it's a very bad idea. You husband might think he'd be ok but he'd lose respect for you.

You are married and want to be a stripper? That makes about as much sense as " I like the outdoors, but am moving to the antartic

The Central Scrutinizer

Guerrilla M
I knew a girl who was alot like you. She was sweet and married to a friend of mine. However, she began doing hard drugs when she took on the stripping jobs and she began going out with the club manager. Granted, this place was a rat's nest and you are probably not wanting to work in a hole in the wall, but you should consider what you will think when other men (rowdy ones) are groping you. Personally, I wouldn't disagree with your plan as long as it is okay with both you and your husband. If you are both okay with it and you avoid suspicious drinks bought for you, you should be fine.

Just try it for a short time. See if you enjoy it. It sounds like you'd like to show off your body, and would have fun doing it. When it's no longer fun, stop stripping.

Sure why not... hell there a men gynecologists, so why not.

Don't let the prudishness of society make you think there is anything bad about stripping. I'd like to see you, just because you have a passion and desire to do this, it's always a treat to see someone do something they really desire to do. Too many people just aren't into their work.

I bet you didn't earn a degree so that's the only way for you to earn money for your husband. I can't beleive a husband like yours would agree on this thing. lol!!!!

sonia g
That mean your husband dont give a f_u_c_k about u he just cares bout da cash so do az u wish.

If the couple are at the epitome of security in their relationship then yes this can work out.

Go for it!

Oh please. Why not pull the pin out of a grenade...gee I wonder what will happen.

Go get a real job.

there is nothing wrong with that .I was a manager of a strip bar for many years and there were many couples that were both strippers and also couples that they husbands dropped them off with the kids and kissed them good night just like any other job and their were students that sentt themselves to school that way and then there were others that were so good they worked four hours a day made a fortune and invested in a beautiful house and car and things and paid them all off..thats all it was just a job

single 30-35
hey, whatever it takes to earn a living. just don't let guys followyou home.

If it's acceptable to you and your husband, then go for it. However, set your goals, and carry them out. Then be able to quit when you feel the time is right.

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