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I cheated on my wife what should i tell her ?
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I cheated on my wife what should i tell her ?

A) its not my fault its the booze

B) I admit but i love you and promise to never let you find out again

C) Face it your an old dog with chubby arms let me have my fun and il still pay the bills and keep your sorry ar$e


Sherry F
A and C

Supernatural Girl
How bout telling her you are a worthless loser male with problems keeping your pants up and that you deserve to have your nuts cut off.

How about D) You are so much better than me and I am going to set you free so that you can find someone who is honest, trusting and more deserving of your loyalty than I am.

Daniel's Mommy
D) It's not YOUR fault, it's the a**hole you married.

mike truss
Don't say a word to her about this unless you want a divorce. It never pays to volunteer this type of information.

If you feel guilty about what you've done. Then live with it and keep your mouth shut about it. No sense hurting your wife more than you already have.

bluff mike
Don't tell her anything. A man takes his pleasure where he finds it.

Mrs Libra
Tell her that your a lying cheating scumbag and that she deserves better then some loser like you.

christie lee
its ur fault and the TRUTH

Sexiie Ladiie!!!
y do men always tend to blame the beer!! u know what your doing!!! U shudnt cheat... your gna lose you wife, cuz if you dnt tell her she will find out one way or another!!

D) Here's the number for a good divorce lawyer.

Combine the three:

I'm a drunk old dog with chubby arms, who only loves myself and my own sorry ar$e. I promise to keep paying the bills after the divorce you'll want, as I don't expect to stop putting it about. Have fun!

What goes around comes around you pathetic loser, can't wait for you to get your pay back. You will be a bitter lonely old man, probably with a manky leg that will drop off to teach you a lesson. Enjoy.

Someone actually married you? It was probably the booze.

don't say its the alcohol, thats just pathetic
just admit it to her, and say that you are really sorry. don't try and blame it on anything or anyone else, because you blatantly knew what you were doing, and its just stupid to say you didn't, i don't think that your wife is quite that stupid.

umm, i could say B and C

Go for C.

This is because if my hubby told me this I would realise in one second flat what a git you really are.

I would then proceed to take you to the cleaners and you would be lucky to walk away in the pants your standing in.

Good luck, you are going to be very lonely in life.

This is a joke, right?

You never know she may be so happy when you tell her ,now your someone else's problem ,not hers.

Tell your wife that you have made a mistake and cheated on her. If you have cheated on her more than once then scratch what I said and ask for a divorce because you aren't worthy of being a husband of honor and respect.

Butch UK
how about you do what we all do , shut your mouth and live with it , like millions of others, it takes two, and its probably your wife's sensitivity to your feelings that she does not tell you about all of her affairs.

dont pass up this sweet sweet threesome opp.

kate l
tell her the truth but shel never trust u again ...

Just pack your bags and leave.

If you are riding a horse, a giraffe is running beside you, and out of nowhere a lion starts chasing you , what do you do? Get your drunk a** off the Merry Go Round and your computer! Lush!

Tell her, I am sure she will say, "Oh good, now we are even"

Jennifer R
Tell her you are a douchbag and sign the divorce papers for her sake, and then get a STD so your wife is happy she left your sorry ***!


tell her the truth .. what reallllyy happened.
don't blame it on the alcohol, don't lie to her, and don't say the last one lol... just tell her the truth about what really happened and if yuoure likely to do it again or not

like my dad always said your not getting punished for what u did your getting punished for getting caught

okayy well..this is my perspective..

A) stop the booze you dont do stupid s***

B) tell her you love her soooooo muchh but you made a stupid mistake but you will never do it again..and that your truly sorry and that you will do whatever it takes to get her to forgive you.

C) never tell a girl that cuz then she will hate you! trust me!

How about:

D) She is cheating on your a@& with a real man, so she could care less about what you do.

If you love her, tell her you love her. Tell her the truth with no excuses. I personally feel if she's been faithful to you, you don't deserve to be with her.

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