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I got my neighbors wife pregnant?
Find answers to your legal question.

I got my neighbors wife pregnant?

....and her husband is a body builder. I don't know what to do?
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He could snap my neck with a twist. If he touches me I'm calling the police.


Cheating hurts the person its done to like HELL!!!!!!
You'll get what you deserve and so will she...but if he tries to kill you or her or the baby....CALL THE POPO!!!!!!

You step up to the plate and pay child support for the next 18 years, because that's your responsibility. And in the future, if you're not willing to face the consequences for your actions, you shouldn't be doing them.

He's going to kick your a**!!!

Jessica Robbin

Maggie M
well i would RUN!!!!! for the hills

Forlorn Hope
hope he doesn't ask for a paternity test... :)


Should have thought about that before you jumped in the sack with her, dude.

If you cant pay the price shouldnt have done the crime.

►◄►◄Egyptian Princess►◄►◄
Thou shall not do youe neibours wife.

move away from town

move out of town, great story though i have to admit you make me laugh

leave the state ! lol

Costa Rica is very nice this time of year...

I believe Red Foreman would probably call you a dumbass.

☆ ♥Isabella B.♥ ☆
RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the bank. Take out all the money you have & go buy a conscience.

Sounds like you've got a problem. What goes around, comes around...even when you're trolling. ☺

you best bet is to act like nothing happened. Maybe he will think it is his and raise it as such. then you can watch from nextdoor as you son grows up to be a meathead with steroid issues. hey but at least your still alive.

Samantha T
Karma is a *****.......

Run for your life, pack up all your stuff and jet.

what!?!?! daymmm u just got urself fuked up why da hell did u do that!!! ur craziii when u die, i dont wanna hear it!!


pray the baby is bald and muscular?

Mrs. Nolan
ur an idiot. i really hope your not married or else you would be tearing apart 2 family. hope that makes you feel just all jolly inside. and as far as him...HAHAH sorry hun you got a big problem...next time just keep it in your pants... not trying to be rude just not a fan of home wreckers.

This sounds oh to familiar to me.. I know too many people who have screwed around with their neighbors. All I can say is that you deserve what you have coming!


You should have thought about that before you decided to mate, buddy.

address man
This is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into, Stanley.

I'd go buy a suit of armor; it will protect you from the ensuing blows and it will, shall I say, "contain you from further activity in the nether regions."

m b
oops. buy a gun and some locks

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