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I had S*ex with My BROTHER IN-LAW? I was drank and we had s*ex now we keep doing it.?
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I had S*ex with My BROTHER IN-LAW? I was drank and we had s*ex now we keep doing it.?

At a family party 8 months ago my brother in-law and i had s*ex. We were really drank. We have been taking shots.So he and i went for a walk outside and somehow ended up having S*ex. Since then we have been sneaking and having it for 8 months.

He is so much better in Bed than my husband. he is even much larger than my husband. I know i'm a S*lut,B*itch, w*hore, fool, idiot ..whatever you can call me but it is happening. How can i stop sleeping with my brother law-in(it's the best s*ex i have ver had)

We both want to stop but every time we meet to talk and end this madness we just end up having more S*ex. My brother in-law knows my husband will kill him so he is also very scared of his brother but can't stop.


you do realize that this could be the end of family as you know it? what's wrong with you???

Divorce time! :)

Have you thought about just saying no???
Why are ya'll meeting to talk about ending it... if ya'll are going to end it, you just end it..... nothing to talk about...


♥ 2 Miscarriages ♥
Oh this should be good

*grabs for the popcorn*

Tyson boy's dad
Classic love triangle. You're screwed. Literally.
Nothing you can do. Might as well keep doing it.

Luis R
I am so sorry for that poor guy .

Stop talking to him would help.
Nobody is forcing you to do it. You are doing because you wanted to.
What about if you try to teach your husband the tricks you learned with your brother-in-law?
Maybe he'll become better than his brother.

well first off it's drunk not drank, secondly you need to divorce your husband if you don't love him *which clearly you don't sound in love* so now try to end things and if you love this brother in law, let teh dust settle with your husband and then see if their is a future with him......

you cant stop, but you Obviously dont want to
keep your legs closed and say no

jaiden skylar due anyday ..
your one nasty ***** .. think about this what if and i mean if u got pregnant with the brothers baby how would u explain it to ur husband that he looks like his brother .. keep ur ***** in ur pants .. and stop it now ... u will crush alot of ppl .. and family would be one of them .. your husband deserves better then this .. if ur that damn unhappy file for divorce .. that simple .. and stop talking to his brother he has a family of his own and another thing stay away from the beers and shots ... **** u make a bad inpresson on women everywhere do u want to be known as the **** that crushed the family between two brothers .. theres something for jerry springer

Lindsay G
YOu need to come clean. BUT, before you do that, you need to sit down and REALLY think about this. What were/are you feelings for your husband? Obviously you are ok with losing your husband b/c you have let this go on so long. And obviously your husband and his brother don't have much of a relationship, or HE wouldn't ahve let this go on so long.

You both should be ashamed for doing what you have done to s.one that you say you love,but you already know this.

You and your brother in law have to tell the truth. I would suggest at least having that much respect for your husband and maybe you could keep your hands off each other long enough to show that respect. And, will your husband literally kill him??? I mean, he's already ruined all family relationships but 'kill him'?

Anyway, good luck, just remember, it WILL come out eventually. Wouldn't you rather be the one telling the truth then being the one caught in a lie?

lynnette r
its only good and the best, because you are doing something you have no business doing. if you don't want to ruin or cause alot of family problems you need to just stop. you know you will be the only one who will come out of this looking bad cause you are the woman. good luck.

nothing wrong with seeking pleasure however what you both are doing is immature and selfish. Sometimes it feels good to be immature and selfish in the end it has a huge price. Your going to hurt a lot of people. NO PLAY WITHOUT PAY. Your not a slu* your a women who was unhappy to start with now your doing things that feel good in the moment but, will only cause more unhappiness.

Don't use drinking as an excuse.... A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind. In other words, this is something you both always wanted to do and you used drinking to get the courage to do it. If you want to stop, you will but it seems to me you don't. As for your brother-in-law, he's not too scared of his brother. Just know you reap what you sow!

This society is really messed up. What are you doing getting drunk with your family members anyway?

Ever heard of "Karma"?... I wouldn't want to be in your shoes for anything!!!!

what are you thinking? you are about to cause a family blowup that will never be repaired, you may cause a killing, your husband may kill both of you, could you blame him? That is what is called the ultimate betrayal.

Big Deall
Ya you are one sick nasty ****. Tell your husband and I guarantee you will stop sleeping with him in fact you will both sleep seperately for eternity You need help you are trash

neil w
what a silly lady, it is incredible what drink can do to one's mind and body. Wake up lady before it if too late...

this is madness...what is happening in our world today..oh my you need praying for.....

even hollly wood couldn't dream this up...be prepared to die for this..your husband will kill you both.

Is there a question here or do you think a little abuse from everyone here will slake your guilt?

you really dont need to be drinking if its thats serious.

What is your question?

Go on jerry springer.

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