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I had to leave husband because he was jealous for no reason?
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I had to leave husband because he was jealous for no reason?

what you think of that


i think that he was probably to good for you.

stupid reason to leave the love of your life.
you should have worked it out, && made sure he knew he had nothing to be jealous about.

I dont think that is a good reason at all. anything worth having at all is worth working and fighting for. ya'll should have tried to work out your differences maby get some good counceling

i think that's stupid
everyones jealous from time to time give him a break

He's got me now!
I would need more information to give a real answer, but it seems that you left him for little reason. I'm only going by information you gave to us.

Random Bob
Yeah, so... then he can file a 209A on your ***.
then, kick YOU out & have the place for himself.

Call the cops and say you're feeling "threatened".

I think that if you had to put up with that guy throwing accusations into your face all the time about things that weren't true, that you made the right move getting away from him.

i think you need to have fun, be happy and enjoy life.

There is no good kind of jealousy. What took you so long to leave?

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