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I have a HUGE crush... on my stepmom...?
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I have a HUGE crush... on my stepmom...?

Alright well I go by "Lampy" and Im 16. So about two months ago my dad remarried a twenty seven year old. She is reallly nice and I mean im happy for them but, she is so damn hot. She has long curly brunette hair, big hazel eyes and Im guessing 34 D ****. She also has the most beautiful smile in the world. I don't know what to do and i cant keep these naughty thoughts out of my head. Every now and then she will walk into my room only wearing a black bra and tight *** jeans carrying my laundry. Sometimes I even feel like she might be trying to seduce me. I dont know what to do. I have to say that if i ever got the chance, i might **** her (sorry dad).

So if anyone has any unfortunate experience or advice that would be appreciated.


Stacey's mom has got it going on!

Dave C
Oh geeze

I bet your bottle of baby oil is bone dry

Pun Intended

She should not be prancing around in her skivvies in front of a teenage step-son. This woman knows what she is doing and needs to be reprimanded!

I would suggest sitting down with your dad and just telling him that you're not comfortable with his wife walking around in her underwear and that he needs to tell her to cover up. That should do it for that part, as far as the crush is concerned, well, you're going to have to try and view her as a mom now instead of a woman. It'll take some work, but you can do it.

Queen of Beer
This sounds like the makings of a good movie.

You are actually thinking of screwing your Dads wife. Do you have any morals at all. You would hurt your Dad terribly. Is that what you want?
She is off limits dear.
She is not being a good step mother to walk in front of you half dressed. Maybe she has low morals also or maybe she just thinks of you as a little boy. Either way, YOU need to stop this thinking once and for all before your family is destroyed.

Talithea H
It is only natural for your emotions to kick in at this age just remember that she is off limits and the feelings that you have should go away soon.

dude..wat are U thinking..she's Ur dads wife..that in itself should be enough of a turn off for U..she may be hot, and yea Ur a teenage boy with racing hormones, but U gotta draw the line somewhere..I couldn't even think of any of my step dads like that..it's sick and wrong, and maybe U should try talking to the school counselor or how bout finding a hot chick of Ur own that's within Ur age group..it's wrong to do a family member like that..and also wrong for her to be parading around in her under garments with a child in the house..U should talk to Ur dad..it can't be that bad, it would be worse for U to act on Ur impulses.

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