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I just found a condom in the bathroom? is my wife cheating on me?
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I just found a condom in the bathroom? is my wife cheating on me?


Ok well, first of all, is it used? If you dont remember doing anything with your wife, or if you KNOW you didnt do anything, and if it's used, then, well, sorry, but probably.

You should confront her about it. I know it will be hard and awkward, but still, you have to do something about it.

If it isn't used, there still might be a possibility that she is cheating, but your married to her. And, well, married people sleep with each other, and if they dont want their spouse to get pregnant they use condoms. Maybe it was for you? :]

Hope i could help.

Open? Used? Do you have kids? Maybe it's theirs if you do?

SLIM in 2008
unless its yours YEAH!!!!!

Gary B
Maybe she just wants to fill them with water and throw them off the roof . . . .

Phantom J9 Baby Girl DUE 6-09
ask her.

scary but the only way to find out is to confront her with the condom and ask.

Best of luck.

#1 ‚ô•diva‚ô•
well if it's not yours then i will say so, ask her and show her the proof, remember the proof is in the pudding, but in your case it's on the bathroom floor!

Do you really need answers to this? Was it used? If so and there are no other people in the house, yeah, she's cheating on you.

Well,if the condom doesnt belong to you and there arent any other people living in your home then youre probably right in your thinking.

Yes! But before you confront her about it do you have any kids because it could've been them. Sorry about the bad news x x x

Kirsty Tara
Well was it used?!

If so, Then I wouldnt jump to conclusions as I dont no where u were/where she was/who was there

But If it was used... And its just you two that live there... High chance.
If u live with others, or it was not used, lesser chance. You need to talk to her about it as u cannot let it play on your mind as it will. Ask her what its doing there- And dont be walken over.
Gd luck

special k
Ask her

un-used i asume ?
Have you had friends round reasantly? it could have fell out of there pocket. Do you have teenagers?
It could be theres.
The best thing to do is just ask her about it?
If its un-used theres probably nothing to worry about.
Good luck pal xxxx

robert x
You don't say whether its used or not!. - if so then yeah she is having some one round. - if not there could be any amount of reasonable explanations!- perhaps you ought to confront here with the evidence and see what she has to say!.

I don't know, did you leave it there? I can't believe some guy came over to screw your wife and didn't take the evidence with him.

no no no! hold on a minute.. do you mean a used condom? because if yes, and its not yours then there is a likely chance.
BUT if its not used, its unlikely, I mean thats a big conclusion to jump to! I mean, your wife might know as little about it as you do.. you have to think of the possibilities..
Do you have teenage kids?
Could this condom be really old? [look at the expiration date]
Could your wife have condoms incase she had to go off other methods of contraception? - so as not to get pregnant.
Could she be scared of you cheating on her and doesn't want to catch an STI? [VERY UNLIKELY BUT I'M GIVING YOU POSSIBILITIES!]
And if you do talk to her about it plleeeease do not even slightly hint she could be cheating on you at first at least - that could ruin your marriage.
Find out some facts then you can panic or not!

Rachelle W
ask her bout it
look into her eyes

confessions of a twilightholic;
Well, She Could Be.You Need 2 Sit Dwon And Talk With Her About This.

Well common sense says that if you guys don't use condoms then maybe she used them with someone else. If you guys have kids maybe its theirs.

A true marriage should be built on trust ask her see what she says she could have a good explination. If she was cheating dont you think she would be smart enough to throw the condom away. Or not just leave it out in the open in the bathroom.

If you have teenaged kinds...it's possibly theirs. Otherwise expect the worse. Where in the bathroom was the condom anyway? Thats actually important to think about. In the trash? Toilet? Floor? Shower?

Melody M
if it is used yes, if it is unopened then she may be, and if it were attatched to others that are no longer there then that would also be a yes. Did you find it in her personal possesions? Did someone else stop by who may have left it there? There are alot of possibilities!! Make sure you are sure before you accuse.

Naughty Lady
Well if you or your kids (if you have any) are using them then okay maybe one would be there. But if you aint using it and if your kids not, if you have some, then what you think?


i would imagine if you dont use condoms anymore then yes there's a good chance she's using it elsewhere.

Danny fitz
sound's like it but do you have any teenagers

jagdish b
get a DNA test done on it :)

perhaps, unless you had a very drunken night and bought someone back but just can't remember?

Flop it on the kitchen table and ask "whats this?"

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