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I married my husband almost 5 years ago, and just found out he is still married to another woman. ????????
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I married my husband almost 5 years ago, and just found out he is still married to another woman. ????????

What should I do? I have read on line that since we married out of state that our marriage is valid. I have asked him to file for a divorce from his first wife, but he says he doesn't want to mess with it,and that he thinks it will be allot of trouble. I have told him that he is in commission of a felony (bigamy) and that it carries a five year prison sentence. And also it is very hurtful to me that he's still married to his ex.
Additional Details
I found out because after 4 years & some months his daughter for the first time came to vist (great kid by the way) asked how we were married because her mother couln't marry her boyfried because her mom and dad were not divorced, so I asked him about it and he said, that he asumed his 1st wife had gotten a divorce. Also if were not legally married where do I stand with the bisness we have built and the 100k house we own??? I don't have any kids with him. And I know he hasn't been with her in any way.


Tell him that if he doesn't divorce her that you will divorce him. Don't you think that you deserve any respect at all?

*♥* Igotorbs*♥*
tell him to divorce her or you will divorce him.This is your signal to get out of this relationship.This is no ordinary little white lie! This is big.What else is he lying about?

This is so illegal. He lied to you from the beginning, this for me would destroy all trust, and if he doesn't want to divorce his first wife, then maybe you should divorce him.

Alexandra B
wow im so sorry to hear whats happening to you the best thing you should do is just walk away baby girl....

Erick D
thats gonna get messy

turn him in.

It seems like he would be willing to jump through any hoops to make this other marriage go away once and for all! What is his problem? He must have known the divorce was never finalized, why was he keeping this from you all these years? You've got a lot to think about.

I'm not touching that one with a 20 foot pole

Tristen Lynn
divorce his sorry ***

consult a lawyer, if something were to happen to him the first wife would get his social security benefits, or any other entitlements since hes still legally married to her. If there are no children from the first marriage it would not be difficult to divorce the first wife. Good luck.

turn him in


molly's creative username
You should discuss this with your lawyer. Being that your husband was already married, you ought to be able to get an annulment.

Divorce him. He isn't worth keeping, and obviously he doesn't want to lose his other wife, or he would not have married you while still married to her!

Well my opinion is that he still has feelings for this woman if he does not want to file a divorce. And it depends how long has he been married to this woman and does she know he is also married to you? She might not know and that might be the reason she did not push the divorce onto him. You should also talk to a counselor about this issue.

Kristiane-Cubical ninja
You read wrong. If he is legally married to another woman, your marriage to him is not legal no matter where you did it. Sorry.

You don't need to get a divorce, you can have the marriage annulled. Once it's finalized it basically means you were never legally married. Your entire history goes back to single status as if it never happened. I'm sorry but that's what I would do. He's asking you for too much to stay married to him while he commits bigamy & you just deal with it. No way. Your marriage is not valid but it's not because you got married out of State . . . I don't get that btw. Are we talking about the US because you can get married anywhere in the US & it's valid. It's invalid because he's already married. So I'm pretty sure he would have to file for divorce, and you would have to file for annulment & then if you want to get married again you can do that when it's all squared away.

I do not believe that you are legally married since he is not divorced from his first wife. I would get an attorney to help protect yourself and kids (I kinda hope you don't have any). I am so sorry, what a shock this must be. Protect and save yourself - you might want to consider leaving (I would).

i believe this is very illigal. even in the state of utah were mormuns have more then one wife at least they lived together. however why did it take 5 years for you to fing out, they other thing I would think about is how well do you really know your so called husband, he may have other things he hiding. this is something you would hear on jerry springer. I don't mean to insult you but this is way wrong. not to mention illegal. Beow is a defintion of bigamy wish you well

get out of this marriage

Bigamy is a crime of marrying during the continuance of a lawful marriage. Bigamy is not committed if a prior marriage has been terminated by a divorce or a decree of nullity of marriage. In the United States if a husband or wife is absent and unheard of for seven (or in some states five) years and not known to be alive, he or she is presumed dead, and remarriage by the other spouse is not bigamous. It is not necessarily a defense to a charge of bigamy that the offending party believed in good faith that he was divorced or that his previous marriage was not lawful. If he knows that she is alive he committed a felony and should try tp divorce her as soon as possible.

George of the Jungle
Oh my god that is so f-cked up! That is not f-cking legal! How the f-ck did you find out? That is so f-cking messed up!

since being married to more then one person is illegal, your marriage isnt legal... shes still legally married to him, not you.. sorry

Betty T
I don't think the law would consider EITHER marriage legal because this BUM your are married to has known all along that he was married to two women!! You both deserve better, if you ask me!! If a man will keep something THAT important from his wife for 5 years, he will certainly be lieing his *** off about other things, you can bet!!
I would be taking EVERYTHING he had and leaving him as fast as I could, honey!!
Good luck to you!

Fakir F
he did it once he might do it again, never know. you should talk and talk and come out with a decision. god forbid if you already have kids from him.
Good Luck and God Bless

divorse his lying butt

WOW" didn't expert that!!!
tell your husband to get off his lazy a$$ and file for a divorce or he will lose you! see what he thinks about that.

my sister married a guy years ago who was already married & told her lies,
His other wife got a hold of her & they both stuck him in jail,
& my sister moved on.
please get rid of him or have a long serious chat with him and a Counselor of how to do this, you cant ignore this,

Two words for you..


Thats not true. If he is married before you ..then your marriage to him is not legal!!

And he should be in jail!

Turn him in!

Jax K
What? talk about LAZY......
what else has he not told you?
Move out - tell him you'll be back when his FIRST divorce is final.

lmao that is crazy, when i got married they asked me in front of my wife have you been married before i guess, ya'll missed that part, but you gotta find someone to relate to your situation and overall make your own decision

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