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IS age 37 considered old for a woman?
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IS age 37 considered old for a woman?


NO! Especially not if you are 56.

no. in most countries, life starts at 40

It's all relative. If you are hanging out with teenagers, you are ancient, but you are the hot young babe in the senior center.

Michael P
Depends on how you feel. Age isn't necessarily determined by the number, but by how you feel. If you feel younger, than you shouldn't feel old. I don't believe it is personally.

sue s
well i am 40 so i would say no!!LOL its all about the mind set. if you feel young you act young!

Well seeing as we live longer than we used to being 37 is not old at all in my eyes.

bubbley bea
are you crazy,your just getting better. take it from a WOMAN in her 40's.love it embrace it...

If you are 5 years old, 37 seems ancient. if you are 35-39, it seems normal. If you are 65, it seems young.

Oh Hell No!!! I'm 39 & still feel like I'm 30... (and I look it too) :) :) :)

pastels c
i know someone that got married at 84
when has age ever been a factor to anything you want to do?

Personally I don't think that is old.To me old is how you feel about yourself and if u have a good attitude with life.You only feel as old as you want to.I am going on 31 and i feel young still and i have 3 kids and 1 is a teenager.i hope this helps you out a lot. good luck in your future..

even if you are 100 years old and still feel that you are young... then you will never feel like old...feeling old, it just on the mind....If you always think that your old, you energy level will decrease... that's why you look more old...
just dont mind others if they will say that you are already old...


LIVE ON YOUR OWN and be happy always..!!!

kind of
but im young
its old
but not elderly by any means
it seems you should have kids and all that by now though most definitely

Oh please God, I hope not....

42 years old here

joshua b
no, i dont think your old until you feel that your old

nope..100 is...if someone called ya old jus say ur gonna get there one day!

My grandmother is 96. Comparatively, no. You're a spring chicken!

maybe in the 70's , now is diferent. , people are getting married and having children at their 30's

no, ur only as old as u feel!

nah, who told you that bunch of crap!!

< insert fake name here>
I know 40 year olds who look better then 20 year olds.

no. but it also depends on your age too.

37?! That is a spring chicken! 97, is aged.

christen h
not at all.i actually think that is a good age.as long as she knows how to take care of herself still and just stays on a good healthy diet.

no, my moms 45
she is no where close to looking old.

"Old" doesn't even begin to describe 37 for a woman. Ya know how you feel when you're in a museum looking at dinosaur bones? That's you.....a dinosaur. Old, brittle, and .....old. Old, old, old, old, old.

Oh my goodness, I sure hope not. I'm 36 and I do not feel old...I feel like I'm in the prime of my life...yeah for me....

Hey! I'm thirteen, and I've talked about this with many people for a project I was doing. It's usually over the 43 mark, where you are considered 'old'. 37 is young and kickin still so enjoy it if you are 37 =)

No girl!!! You go on with your bad self and live it up..

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