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If I get married in Vegas will my marriage be recognized in another state?
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If I get married in Vegas will my marriage be recognized in another state?

Please include sources!


YES!! This is a stupid question that people ask...No offense to you, but I don't understand why people think that if you get married in Vegas that it's only legal in Vegas...


nurse ratchet
I can't believe you are asking this, and also asking for sources! If you get married legally, it will be recognized in all states.

Yes , of course! I was married in NYC and have lived in Texas, GA and Fl . They all recognized the marriage.

Douglas D

Buff Me
yes of course.

You could get married in Africa and it would be recognized

Marriage licence is good anywhere

I do 26.2

Big Bully
Yes, source? My wife

Yes, but make sure that you get a certified marriage certificate before leaving.

Of course it will

Off course it will....Do you really want to go Vegas to get married.???

Vegas does not have a good reputation about marriages over there...

When you tell someone you got married in Vegas, they look at you weird..I really don`t know why...
If I had a choice, I`d rather be with my family and friends.........

Of course it's recognized in other states.

If you were married by someone with the authority to do so, yes, of course, it is recognized in all states. Look at all the people that run off to Vegas to get married!

Now if you were married by an Elvis impersonator that is not an ordained minister or a Justice of the Peace, your marriage is not legal. LOL

Yes, I got married their in 95

Dan S
It is a part of the US Constitution that all states are obliged to honor a legal marriage no matter what state it is held in.

When Massachusetts legalized Gay Marriage for a short time those marriages had to be honored in all 50 states; unless they had a specific law against them. That law would be likely challenged if it Gay marriage was still legal.

According to: http://www.gracelandchapel.com/html/las_vegas_marriage_license.html
"Getting married in Las Vegas could not be easier. The first thing you'll need is a marriage license from the Marriage Bureau, prior to your ceremony. The cost for the marriage license is $55 cash, and you will need one form of I.D., a driver's license, passport, or birth certificate. There are no blood tests or waiting periods. They are located at:

Las Vegas Marriage Bureau
201 Clark St.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1603

Las Vegas Marriage Bureau Hours
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.(Midnight)
Seven Days a Week"

According to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Constitution#Article_Four:_States.27_powers_and_limits
According to Article 4 of the US Constitution:
"For instance, it requires states to give "full faith and credit" to the public acts, records and court proceedings of the other states."

Crystal C
Yes. I have been married for 16 years. My husband and I were married in Silver Bells wedding chapel. It was me, him and 2 friends. We had our marriage license and was married by a preacher there. We live in another state and it is definitely recognized.

Yes...as long as the marriage license are legitimate and the person officiating is licensed and "real". By the way, Las Vegas is a city not a state. The state is Nevada, and it should say that on the license

Stephen K
I cannot cite sources, but marriage is considered legal in any state by any other state

I got married X-mas Day in Vegas drove from Az to there in 98 and yes it is leget so go ahead and get married have fun

Yes it will...

because I've done it...TWICE!! Yeah..Not a good start...a wedding in vegas..I'm divorced twice. Too!

Yes it is legal in all other states.

The answer is 42.
If you get married in any city in any state/province in any country in the world, it will be recognized anywhere (assuming you have the legal paperwork).

People think it's funny that you get married in Las Vegas as a joke. Well, here are some costs:
- Marriage as a joke: $55.
- Divorce after getting sober: $780 minimum.
- Look on the person's face: Priceless...

Yes! If you have a marriage license, and it's all legal. A legal marriage is legal anywhere. I don't need "sources", I know it is.

Johnny Wadd
It should as long as OJ doesn't rob you of your wedding license

Yes, it would hundreds of couples have gotten married there....long before you

As long as it is done by a person who is reconised as a real minister.

Yes. Once you are legally married, a marriage certificate is filed. It would be the same if you were married in any of the 50 states....like when people go for "destination weddings." It still means that you are married in the state that you live! Here is a link:


of coarse. .

Sorry, you're married!

Phil S
Yes, unless you "fled" to Vegas to avoid the marriage laws in some states - Indiana for example, does not recognize marriages that took place elsewhere if that marriage was done as a means to avoid meeting the legal requirements for the State of Indiana.

taylora lee
If I marry my same sex partner in Massachusetts will it be recognize in the state of Texas, please help me with answers thank you

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