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If a spouse or SO cheated in last marriage does that mean they will with current partner?
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If a spouse or SO cheated in last marriage does that mean they will with current partner?

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I didn't say he. Women cheat as well. This Q&A is for informational purposes only.


no they won't. I have cheated in every relationship i have ever been in (except my current one-and we are getting married in a few months) you just have to find the "one" that treats you the way u should be treated.

They do say once a cheater always a cheater. But i believe there's someone out there for everyone. my hubby's dad cheated on his first wife, divorced, married for a second time, divorced and now has another gf. in each instance he cheated on his wife. but now he says he's found the one. I dont believe him, i think he's just a ladies man

It depends on whether they learned from the first experience. They have to take responsibility for their actions and not repeat the past. Its hard to build trust with someone new if they know about the past indiscretions. If i were the cheater I would take whatever actions were necessary to make sure I could be trusted and that I was able to forgive myself. I think its a mistake to share my past with someone unless it could be a positive in building a relationship.

jasmine d
not neccessarily...but I do think they have got to learn something from being caught at cheating....and understand why they did it....why it was wrong ....and personally vow to learn not to do it again....they will also need a change of heart....not just be sorry that they got caught cheating....because cheating can become a serial behaviour unless the cheater really makes an effort to mend his/her ways : )

There is an old saying "once a cheater always a cheater." This usually rings true. If he cheated on his ex for you, what is to stop him from cheating on you as well if someone else comes along that infatuates him?

It's VERY likely. Once a cheater, always a cheater...

90% of relationships that begin with infidelity DON'T survive though :)

(I LOVE that part.)

i think its about character, and if they cheat with u they will cheat on u when they get tired of u too. the past is a good predictor of the future. eventually i think people get older, settle down and just decide to stop cheating.but i don't think people change all that much and if they cheated before they will do so again.

Pete Rock
Depends. Maybe eventually.

If they cheated before, they will no doubt do it again. Find someone that knows what the word commitment means.

Good Luck

NO ! but thats me I've been through it

Probably, but not necessarily. I wouldn't trust someone if they did that. Who does he blame, the ex wife or himself? Does he feel any remorse about it? Also, one other question - was it you he cheated with? If yes, then a relationship that starts with infidelity will not have the integrity it needs to last.

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